Hayley – the georgeous and wildly sexy werewolf, but tough as nails and also very protective is introduced in Season four of The Vampire Diaries. 

aaaA friend of  Tyler’s, Hayley is responsible for helping him break his sire bond with Klaus. She didn’t know he was wealthy, though, and only found out recently that Klaus hadn’t killed Tyler. She claims to have come to Mystic Falls after hearing from a hybrid that Tyler might be alive, but it is eventually revealed that she is also in cahoots with Professor Shane, who promised to give her information about her biological parents, if she helped the other hybrids break the sire bond.

Hayley is a beautiful female werewolf with olive skin, hazel green eyes, and dark brown hair. She is tall with an athletic figure. She is described as “wildly sexy” and “gorgeous”. Her style is natural and relaxed, favoring an earthy color palette with plaid and floral prints. Often she pairs soft, feminine pieces with leather or denim, such as belts, boots, or jeans. She usually wears her hair loose, sometimes with a headband. She has not yet been seen in her wolf form.

Hayley was adopted, so she doesn’t know who she got the werewolf gene from. She triggered the  dddcurse when she was drunk on a boat trip and accidentally killed someone. She transformed for the first time in her adoptive parents’ living room; after wreaking havoc on their house they kicked her out. Presumably Hayley has been on her own since then, occasionally joining up with wolf packs. She has a mark on her back which looks like a crescent moon, which she had assumed was a birthmark and thought nothing more of it. However, when Klaus sees it, he reveals that he has only seen it on a handful of others born from a specific bloodline of a werewolves, who belong to a clan which once thrived throughout what is now called Lousiana. This could be a reference to The Original Pack from the novels, which could mean she is an Original Werewolf.

In “Bring it on”,  Hayley is attacked by a vampire named Will who was sent by Katherine to kill Hayley. Klaus appears and saves her, in the process biting and poisoning the vampire with his werewolf venom. Klaus then takes Hayley to his mansion, where he plays the hospitable host in order to glean information about Katherine. He politely interrogates Hayley, though she claims she does not know where Katherine is. She tells Klaus that Katherine found her in New Orleans when she was trying to find her real parents and Katherine told Hayley she could help her. Klaus claims that he is the only one who can protect Hayley from Katherine’s minions, and says that he will – as long as she cooperates.  

Later, Hayley goes into the next room and looks at Klaus’s paintings, expressing distaste for all but bbbone, which she describes as ‘twisted’. She asks Klaus why he paints, and in response he describes painting as a metaphor for control. Hayley calls him out on his attempts to soften her up, before mentioning Tyler and Klaus’s plan to kill him. Klaus assures her that the better punishment is sentencing Tyler to a lifetime of paranoia and fear. Hayley then reveals to Klaus that the reason he has been unable to find Katherine all these centuries has been her ability to build and maintain a network of allies willing to do anything for her. Klaus asks Hayley if she knows any of Katherine’s allies, and she responds teasingly that she might know a couple, and she might even tell him about them. Later, even after Damon has killed Hayley’s would-be pursuer, Klaus offers to let Hayley stay. She suggests a deal – her intel in exchange for Tyler’s amnesty – but Klaus cannot bring himself to make any promises when it comes to Tyler. Hayley draws him back in by returning to what he said about his paintings and control, and tacitly offers him control with her. He takes the bait and they have sex.

Afterwards, while Hayley is dressing, Klaus notices a mark on Hayley’s back which, according to him, is only found on those of a certain bloodline of werewolfs originating in Louisiana.


cccPhoebe was born in Sydney, Australia. When she was four, Tonkin attended several dance courses, classical ballet, hip hop, contemporary dance and tap dance. At the age of twelve, she began courses at the Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) at the Wharf Theatre. She later graduated from Queenwood for Girls in Balmoral, Newn South Wales Balmoral. Tonkin has appeared in a number of commercials which include Vauxhall Motors and Chick Management, also modeled for Girlfriend (magazine) and Teen Vogue Dolly (magazine). She has also appeared in Miles Fisher music video “Don’t Let Go”. Phoebe Tonkin portrays the role of  Hayley in The Vampire Diaries. Her most notable roles are Cleo Sertori in “H20: Just Add Water“, Fiona Maxwell in “Tomorrow, When The War Began“, and Faye Chamberlain in the sister show “The Secret Circle.”