Joseph Morgan as Nicklaus Mikaelson

Niklaus Mikaelson (a.k.a. Nik or Klaus) is an Original/Hybrid and the son of Ansel and Eshter. He has six half-siblings: a deceased unnamed older half sister , four other half-brothers named Elijah, Finn, Kol and Henrik, and a younger half-sister named Rebekah. Klaus is also the step-son of Mikael, with whom he had a strained relationship.

Many years before, his mother had had an affair with a man from the neighboring village (Ansel), whose inhabitants were known to be werewolves. When Klaus’ brother Henrik was killed by a werewolf, Esther performed a ritual which transformed Klaus, his siblings and his step-father into vampires. When Klaus made his first human kill, his werewolf gene was activated, thus revealing Esther’s infidelity. Mikael then hunted down and killed Klaus’ father and his entire family, not realizing that doing so would ignite a war between vampires and werewolves that has been perpetuated across the ages. Soon after turning her children into vampires, Esther placed a curse on Klaus which forced his werewolf side to lie dormant, and then rejected and abandoned him. In retaliation, Klaus murdered his mother, and framed Mikael for the act.

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For over a thousand years, Klaus had been trying to break a curse placed on him. He created the myth of the sun and moon curse in order to find the moonstone and the Petrova Doppelganger, both of which were needed to break the actual curse. His goal was to liberate his werewolf side so he could sire his own super race of vampire-werewolf hybrids.

In 1492, he finally got his chance to break his curse when he met Katerina Petrova, the final piece necessary to break the curse. However, Katerina managed to foil his plan to use her in the sacrifice by turning into a vampire. For the next 500 years, Klaus searched for a way to break the curse without the doppelganger, forcing generations of witches and warlocks to help him. During his search for a way to break his curse, Klaus hunted down his family and neutralized them. He also hunted Katerina Petrova, who had escaped him and stolen his moonstone.


Personality wise, Klaus is described as sadistic, careless, paranoid, impulsive, emotional, quick-tempered, volatile, manipulative, jealous, obsessive and competitive. Klaus has little to no regard for human life in general, the opposite of his half brother, Elijah, who lives by a moral compass, has compassion and regard for human life and shows ability to feel guilt and remorse for his actions. Despite his negative traits, he has shown to be very protective of his half sister, Rebekah, who stayed by his side for centuries.

During the 1920s Klaus and his sister Rebekah were on the run from Mikael, who they had been running from for a 1000 years. The siblings were in Chicago in 1922 where they met the vampire Stefan Salvatore whom Rebekah fell in love with. At first Klaus hated Stefan, but he grew to like him once he discovered that Stefan was a Ripper  and they became good friends. One night, the speakeasy they were at was attacked, apparently by the police, though it turned out the raid was led by Mikael. Before he left, Klaus compelled Stefan to forget him and Rebekah. Later, when he and Rebekah were about to leave Chicago, Rebekah told Klaus that she was tired of running and wanted to be with Stefan. Klaus then forced her to choose between him and Stefan; she chose Stefan. This made him so angry that he neutralized his sister with a white stoke dagger, then took her body with him in a car and left Chicago.

He is the main antagonist of Season 2, making his first appearance in Know Thy Enemy, in Alaric’s body. His main goal in this season is to brake the Sun and Moon Curse. After killing Elena’s aunt Jenna and trying to kill Elena, Bonnie finds forces to kill him, but he is saved by his brother Elijah.

After Damon is beaten by a werewolf, Stefan asks Klaus help as his blood is the only cure. Klaus asks Stefan to feed on a human in return and forces him in becoming a ripper again and join him.


In Season 3, Klaus joined by Stefan, goes on a quest to create new hybrids but finds out something is wrong in the process. They head back to Chicago to find answers. Later he compels Stefan to turn his humanity off after he tries to fight his compulsion in order to protect Elena. Klaus finds out that he needs Elena (the doppleganger) blood to create hybrids and succeeds in creating his first hybrid – Tyler. Than he creates more hybrids and renovates a house to reside in Mystic Falls with them. After Stephan tries to send Klaus away and kills one of his hybrids, Klaus uses his sire bond with his hybrids and orders Tyler to bite Caroline. He saves her later after Tyler asks him his help.

Later this season Elijah returns and Kol and Finn show up. Also, Eshter, their mother is back with a plan to kill her children but she will not succeed and will end up dead. Now, Klaus is safe and free to create more hybrids. He takes Elena and starts draining her. Finally, with the help of the Salvatores and Tyler who broke the sire bond, Bonnie casts a spell on Klaus and e is completely desiccated. They do not kill him because they find out they were descending from his bloodline and when an original dies so does his whole bloodline.


Afterward we see Bonnie talking to Tyler and realize she put a spell on him to transition his “soul” in with Tyler. He tells her that she did the spell brilliantly and he didn’t think she had it in her as she tells him she did it to protect her friends and her mother.

In Season 4, Klaus is still in Tyler’s body. However, he convinces Bonnie to return him in his old body. He than returns home to get the last of Elena’s blood to create more hybrids but Rebekah, mad that he chose his hybrids over his family, destroys the blood bag.

Later, Tyler tries to un-sire all of Klaus’ hybrids with the help of Hayley and succeeds it only to find out after trying to kill Klaus that  Hayley was playing him in order to make Klaus kill his hybrids. Hayley was working with professor Shane to wake up Silas and bring back the dead by making the necessary sacrifices which included a massacre of 12 hybrids. After killing his hybrids, with Tyler hiding, Klaus kills his mother, Carol Lockwood.  In the next episodes Klaus is working with the rest of the gang in the attempt to find the cure that turns vampires back to humans. Kol, his brother, returns and tries to stop them, so Elena and Jeremy kill him. Klaus arrives and sees his brother dying. In order to keep him from hurting Elena and Jeremy, Bonnie casts a spell to trap Klaus in the Gilberts house while they go on a journey to find the cure. While being trapped, Caroline and Tyler try to get info regarding the map for the location of the cure but Caroline accuses him for being evil and he tricks her to come close enough to bite her. After begging Klaus to help her, Tyler leaves Caroline dying before Klaus’ eyes. She tells him that she had now given up on him and is not feeling sorry for him which leads in Klaus suddenly giving her his blood and saving her.


Klaus remained stuck behind Bonnie’s barriers while Caroline was on the phone with Elena, trying to figure out where the sword was. Caroline and Tyler, knowing Klaus wouldn’t be going anywhere, found the sword at his house and brought it back to the Gilbert’s. They found secret messages beneath the hilt of the sword that Klaus decrypted in an ancient launguae. It revealed that there was only one dose of the cure. Knowing that with one dose, they wouldn’t be using it on Klaus, Tyler decided to flee and go into hiding, knowing full well that Klaus would kill him the moment he was free. Caroline pleaded with Klaus to let Tyler go and after some persuasion, Klaus submitted but only that he’d give Tyler a headstart.

In “Bring it On” Klaus saves Hayley from a vampire sent by Katherine to take her out for her part in the cure hunt. Klaus promises Hayley protection in exchange for her revealing to him all she knows about Katherine. Klaus is later seen interrogating Hayley, after feeding her and she starts to reveal both her link to Katherine and her motivation: her desire to find her birth family led her to Katherine who promised that she could help if Hayley told her about the hunt for the cure. Klaus, enjoying the time spent with Hayley, then shows her his paintings and explains some of his motivations about art, anmely his desire for control which he can channel through painting. Hayley then tries to convince Klaus to call off his hunt for Tyler, revealing that it wasn’t resolve but the help of other people which would provide Tyler with his ability to escape him, just as Katherine had for five hundred years. Klaus later receives word from Rebekah that Hayley’s attacker had been killed by Damon. He then tells Hayley that she can leave or stay. Hayley then reveals her liking for one of his paintings, saying that she liked it because it showed her how twisted Klaus really was, and that she could relate to it. The two then begin to make out before having sex.



As Hayley is getting dressed, Klaus notices a birth mark on her right shoulder and reveals that the mark was common to all the members of a werewolf clan in Louisiana. Hayley asks him to tell her about her birth family. This sets up the story line for the Original Family centered spin off – The Originals.


Dangerous Liaisons

Physical Appearance:

Klaus is an attractive figure. His height is 5’11 and his weight is unknown. Klaus possesses a curled light-brown hair and light blue eyes that contrasts with his pearl-white skin. As a vampire and a warrior (10th century), he is well-built. Klaus possesses a delicate and yet masculine face, possibly due to the fact that he was once a nobleman in the 15th century.

Klaus clothing style is quite casual, usually seen wearing shirts, jeans and jackets, although he can also use a more classic and refined outfit if the situation requires it (ex.: the ritual of the moonstone; the Original ball thrown by Esther). He uses accessories, such as leather bracelets or necklace as seen in some scenes at the beginning of season 3.



joseph-morgan-image-01-433x600Joseph Morgan was born in London, UK and spent his childhood with his family in Swansea, Wales, where he attended Morriston Comprehensive School before moving back to London in his late teens to study acting at the Central School of Speech and Drama. Upon graduation from Central School, Morgan was hired by acclaimed film director Peter Weir (“Gallipoli,” “The Year of Living Dangerously,” “Dead Poets Society,” “The Truman Show”) to costar opposite Russell Crow in “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.” Soon after completion of that film, director Oliver Stone hired Morgan for a strong supporting role in the feature film “Alexander.” After “Alexander,” Morgan spent time working on stage in the West End of London, as well as starring as Troy in the first series of the Sky One UK television series “Hex.” He also has starred in the BBC miniseries “The Line of Beauty.” Other television credits include the series “Doc Martin” and “Mansfield Park,” in which he played the character of William, alongside star Billie Piper. His big break came in 2009, when Morgan was cast in the leading role in the miniseries “Ben Hur.” Based on the classic novel and film, “Ben Hur” was directed by Steve Shill. He dated his “Ben Hur” costar Emily VanCamp, who currently plays Emily Thorne in “Revenge”, but eventually they broke up in 2011. In 2010, Morgan’s film roles included the independent drama “Angels Crest,” and the big-budget film “Immortals,” in which he co-starred with Mickey Rourke. Both films were shot in Canada and are scheduled for a 2011 release. Morgan is a great supporter of the charity, Positive Women, including asking fans to donate to the cause to honor his birthday. Joseph is commonly known as “JoMo” amongst his fans and the Vampire Diaries fandom.