Claire Holt as Rebekah Mikaelson 

rebekah-and-the-vampire-diaries-galleryRebekah Mikaelson is a daughter of Mikael and Eshter, and also the only sister of an unnamed deceased brother, Elijah, Fimm, Kol, and Henrik, and is also the only half-sister of Niklaus. After the death of Henrik, she became the youngest in the family.

She is a free-spirited Originals Vampire and was  the lover of Stefan Salvatore back in the 1920’s when moving from town to town and wreaking havoc, Rebekah and Klaus found themselves in Chicago during the roaring 20s. After her introduction to Stefan, Rebekah immediately fell in love with him. Not long after, Miakell(their father) arrived in the city searching for Klaus, and intending to kill him.

Mikael and the police fired wooden bullets into the building. Rebekah, Stefan, and Klaus duck to avoid the bullets, and in the commotion, Rebekah lost her mother’s necklace. Klaus met up with Stefan and compelled him to forget ever meeting him and Rebekah.

Later, Rebekah and Klaus are shown to be packing and moving elsewhere. Klaus tells Rebekah to sr1hurry up, but she says that she is not going anywhere without Stefan. Klaus tells her to let Stefan go, but Rebekah refuses, intent on staying with him. Klaus forces her to choose between him and Stefan, and as she opted for the latter, he neutralizes her with the White Oak Ash Dagger. This is the only weapon that can be used to kill an Original Vampire like Klaus and herself temporarily.

Rebekah remained neutralized for 90 years and stored in a coffin which was carried around with Klaus, wherever Klaus went the coffins went too along with her other brothers, Finn and Kol.

In Season 3 of  TVD after Gloria revealed to Klaus that Rebekah had what she needed to contact The Original Witch, Klaus reluctantly resurrected his sister. While she is resurrecting, Klaus compelled a guard to let her feed from the guard and also told the guard to tell her where to meet Stefan and Klaus. After rising from the dead, Rebekah is delighted to see Stefan again, but is furious after she is unable to find her amulet. She was appalled by modern music and fashion. Gloria uses Rebekah to find the amulet and after doing so, threatens to kill the girl with her necklace, along with her friends.


As Stefan is about to open Elijah’s coffin Rebekah walks in. He tells her he remembers they were running from someone, and inquires about it. Rebekah tells Stefan that she can’t talk about it, and instead pulls Stefan into a long kiss. Rebekah then asks after the long kiss with Stefan if he’ll love another girl the same way he loved Elena. Stefan says he hopes to and tries to kiss Rebekah again, but she stops him, saying his kiss gave him away. Klaus appears, and Rebekah reports that Stefan is not on their side, as he’s asking about Mikael. Once they’re back in Mystic Falls, Rebekah informs Stefan that Klaus knows about the Doppelganger and how she is alive, when she is meant to be dead, and that he won’t be merciful. Stefan attacks her, but being an original vampire, Rebekah overpowers him and “out of jealousy” stabs him. She later sneaks up on Caroline and Tyler, and drags him over to Klaus after previously knocking him out.

Klaus-Rebekah-klaus-and-rebekah-26097136-442-285After he feeds the werewolf his blood and kills him, Rebekah drags Tyler back to Caroline and stays to watch over them. As Rebekah sat their bored as ever she goes through Caroline’s phone, only to find a picture of Stefan and Elena together, and spots her mother amulet around Elena’s neck. Rebekah is furious and storms into the gym to inform her brother about necklace’s whereabouts and threatens Elena, and asking about the amulets and its location, but Elena explains that she doesn’t have it anymore because Katherine had stolen the amulet from her. After Klaus figured out how to successfully create hybrids, and having the Doppelganger “donate” blood, he and Rebekah are at the hospital’s parking lot.

She questions how he knew that he needed the Doppelgänger alive, and he reveals to her, “You know the original witch hated me. Do you honestly think I would do anything other than the opposite of what she says?” He further explains, “The doppelgänger needed to die in order for me to become a hybrid. But if she was dead…”. Rebekah chimes in, “Then you couldn’t use her blood to sire yourself a new species”. And he adds, “Leaving me alone for all time.” Rebekah is disappointed in his reasoning behind the creation of his own species, just so he would never be alone. Klaus changes the subject, sending her away to fetch the truck. While she’s gone,Damon comes to inform Klaus that Mikael is on his way to Mystic Falls to finish him off, causing the hybrid to run off, leaving Rebekah behind.


After she help’s getting Klaus back into town and confronting her father, Elena helps Rebekah prepare for the homecoming dance. Elena gives Rebekah her mother’s necklace and while Rebekah’s off guard, stabs her with the white oak ash dagger, neutralizing her.

When Klaus almost has Jeremy and Alaric killed, Elena makes a deal with Klaus to ensure Jeremy’s safety. Elena returns Rebekah to Klaus in exchange for Klaus sparing Jeremy’s life. Klaus accepts these terms and undaggers Rebekah. Prior to his departure, Elena informs Klaus that Rebekah learned the truth about Esther’s murder. When he returns to his house, when Rebekah is about to awaken, he apologizes for his actions and tells Rebekah that they will meet again another day. He then stakes her with White Oak Ash Dagger.

Elijah un-daggers Rebekah, who then stabs Klaus with one of the daggers. They plan on leaving Klaus alone, when she is surprised to see their mother arrive.

tumblr_m7nr2eDEI41rbrizgo1_1280When Elijah decides to take over control above the acts, he teams up with Rebekah, after thinking out the following plan: Elijah kidnaps Elena and takes her to the caves which run beneath the whole Mystic falls area. Rebekah is sent to the cave to watch over Elena. She is kept there as a hostage, to build up pressure on the Salvatore brothers. When Alaric daggers Kol in the grill, all originals die except Klaus, because of their active link. This includes Rebekah. Elena uses that time gap to get some advantage, so she runs away. When Klaus rushes over to Kol to un-dagger him, Rebekah gets back to life, too. By the time, Elena found the small chamber in the cave which vampires can’t enter.


Getting creative, Rebekah returns with a tank of gasoline. She streams the gas on Elena, and in the cave, than lights it up with matches, offering Elena a choice, either come outside, or stay in there and burn. The girls then have a chat, which results in Rebekah sparing Elena’s life. After Damon turned Abby into a vampire and thus preventing Esther from killing her children, Rebekah releases Elena. Arriving home in the evening, she meets Elijah, who is about to leave.

Klaus is seen burning his drawings of Caroline. Rebekah admits him, that she considered Klaus as vampire-diaries-season-4-portrait-rebekahher only family over the years. Than she shows him the recordings she took with her phone about the carvings in the cave, which tell the story of the great white oak tree, which the originals burned down, but was later replaced with a new one. They realize that it might be a danger to them, so they can be killed.


At the end of season three, after Klaus is desiccated, Rebekah thinks he is death and blames Elena for it. Rebekah stands still on the bridge, catching Elena and Matt off guard. Matt swerves the car to avoid hitting Rebekah and drives over the bridge, crashing into the water below.

In Season four Rebekah finds out Klaus is alive and back in his own body.  She tells him how she’s always been there, when Finn, Kol and Elijah weren’t. She never stopped loving him through everything. She now realizes he truly doesn’t love her so she destroys the last of Elena’s human blood. Klaus then disowns her as his sister and snaps her neck.She moves out of Klaus’ mansion  into her own house.

Stefan and Rebekah team up in the race for the cure, while getting closer and sleeping together with,Tvd0411-3256 as they both stated, no feelings attached. She and Stefan spent an entire day together, because he was distracting her so Matt could steel the dagger, to neutralize her, but at the end, they find out they much more in common that what they think. She decides, that, even though Stefan and his friends kill her brother Kol, they were going to continue their partnership.

While on a road trip to find the cure, Klaus manages to tell Rebekah that there is only one dose of the cure before the phone is cut off, and keeps this information to herself for the time being. Stefan, Rebekah and Elena are walking towards the edge of a cliff and once Elena has jumped down, she reveals to Stefan about the cure, before snapping his neck, knowing he would give the cure to Elena if he had the chance.

Elena-and-rebecca-road-tripAfter Katherine stole the cure, Rebekah joins Damon and Elena in New York. She was suspicious of Damon who was still secretly looking for The Cure. As Elena doesn’t want the cure, Rebekah offers her a deal to get the cure together so that Rebekah can solely ingest it, but Elena’s rejection frustrates her. Later on, Elena accepts the deal since Damon wouldn’t stop trying to find the cure for her. Rebekah and Elena steal Damon’s car and leave New York together to hunt for Katherine who is in possession of the cure.

Later, Rebekah and Elena find Katherine in Willoughby, PA, where Katherine has compelled the entire town. After Damon thinks that he found the cure at Katherine’s place – Rebekah takes it only to realize it was fake and Katherine still has the real one. Katherine gives the cure to Elijah. It is still unknown if he will give it to Rebekah – who is desperate to become human again…


Claire+Holt+Miley+Cyrus+Liam+Hemsworth+Australians+ZX4CmYJ97T0xClaire Rhiannon Holt (born 11 June 1988) portrays the role of Rebekah Mikaleson in The Vampire Diaries. Her most notable roles are Samara in Pretty Little Liars, Chastity Meyer in Mean Girls 2 and Emma Gilbert in H20: Just Add Water.

Claire was born in Brisbane, Australia. She graduated from Stuartholme School in Toowong at the end of 2005. She is involved in several sports: swimming, volleyball, water polo, and Tae-Kwon-Do, in which she has a black belt. When she was younger, she was in the school choir.

In 2006, Holt won the role of Emma Gilbert in the Network Ten children’s television series H2O: Just Add Water. The show has earned a Logie Award and Nickelodeon Australia Kids’ Choice Award. While the series was renewed for a third series, Holt left the show after series two after signing on for the sequel to the 2007 film The Messengers, titled Messengers 2: The Scarecrow. Filming took place in Sofia throughout 2008. Starring alongside Norman Reedus and Heather Stephens, the film was released 21 July 2009 straight-to-DVD. In August 2011, Holt was confirmed to be in the TV series The Vampire Diaries as Rebekah. In addition to television and film roles, Holt has appeared in advertisements for Dreamworld, Sizzler, and Queensland Lifesaving. BuddyTV ranked her #55 on its TV’s 100 Sexiest Women of 2011 list.