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The Last DanceAlthough we saw this coming weeks ago, we are still not prepared to accept the fact that we might loose Sheriff Forbes in the mid-season finale of The Vampire Diaries airing this Thursday. All the spoilers are heading that way! Grief is what will bring Stefan and Elena closer than ever, the synopsis for the episode says that Stefan will have to deliver some devastating news to Caroline and the latest spoiler from eonline says we better prepare for a major death. Actually it is Paul Wesley himself who spilled the beans saying:

 “Dude, there’s always deaths, there is a big one coming up, I will say that, there is a big one that’s really going to break the people’s hearts,”

Although we haven’t seen much of Liz this season, she is the only parent figure left on the show (sorry Alaric) and it will be so sad to loose her. This also explains why Steroline will be a “slow burn” – we are sure Caroline will need time to recover and won’t be able to get involved into anything romantic anytime soon.

Well, prepare your tissues guys, it seems like it will be a very bittersweet Christmas on The Vampire Diaries!

After Caroline told Stefan that their friendship is over on last week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, we can’t stop wondering is it really over between these two?

Luckily, is seems like there is a chance for them to overcome this and be friends again. And what will bring them closer and help them rebuild their friendship is – grief. OMG now we are totally worried over Sheriff Forbes as she will face great danger in the upcoming episode so it is quite possible that she is a goner! That is so unfair as we really really love our Liz.

Watch Caroline and Stefan talk about their complicated relationship in the video below…

Here we go again! The titles pattern continues and this time inspiration is a song from Morrissey released in February 1994. You’re wasting your time, the more you ignore me – the closer I get… goes the song. But why this title? Does this mean Damon is closer to getting home even though Elena doesn’t remember him? We don’t think so! From what we learn from the official synopsis it is more likely meant for Elena and Liam. We think she has flirted with him and shared a few kisses (or more who knows?) and now ignores him as she isn’t interested in him anymore, but as she ignores him more – the closer he gets LOL.

375px-VD6_TrioAnd what is it with Jo? She can’t be compelled so she has a secret. Any guesses?

We are so confused with all the new characters – this Tripp guy is cray-cray and now he has Enzo! But why does Stefan agrees to help Caroline release him? Does Enzo have some valuable info on how to bring back Damon and Bonnie? And this girl Sarah – is it possible that she is Tripp’s daughter?

Ok, there is one thing we are not surprised to learn from the synopsis and that is Jeremy hitting rock bottom. He is so bad ad dealing with grief. He should take it from his sis and ask someone to compel him and problem solved.

Check out the official synopsis: 

A RESCUE IN THE NIGHTWhen Alaric (Matt Davis) realizes that Jo (guest star Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) can’t be compelled, he asks Elena (Nina Dobrev) to do some digging into her background. After learning that Enzo (Michael Malarkey) has been captured by Tripp, Caroline (Candice Accola) teams up with Matt and Stefan (Paul Wesley) to rescue him before Tripp learns their true identities. Armed with some new information about her past, Sarah (guest star Gabrielle Walsh) breaks into Tripp’s (guest star Colin Ferguson) office and is surprised when she finds Matt (Zach Roerig) there, doing some investigating of his own. Meanwhile, Elena is forced to deal with the consequences of her actions, and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) hits rock bottom, lashing out in a destructive way. Lastly, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is determined to take matters into his own hands when he receives some upsetting news. Garreth Stover directed the episode written by Chad Fiveash & James Stoteraux (#606). Original airdate 11/6/2014.

The World Has Turned and Left Me Here

The photos from the fifth episode of season 6 of The Vampire Diaries are here! And boy do they open lots of questions – like who the hell managed to stake original vampire Alaric? We know that there will be a party at the corn maze and it will turn wrong just like most of the parties we see on TVD , but who will be responsible this time? Is it Enzo? Whoever it is, Alaric and Jo will be rushing to save lives. Great opportunity for them to come closer! We also know (from the official synopsis) that Stefan will let Caroline know that he plans to move on from Mystic Falls. Well, good luck with that Stefan, as Caroline will be wearing nothing but a towel while you tell her LOL. Here are the photos – enjoy!

You thought that there will be no love triangles on The Vampire Diaries, especially after Damon’s death? Think again! The new Australian promo for next week’s episode shows the start of a brand new love triangle, this time between Elena, Stefan and Caroline! We can see Elena all happy to see Stefan and probably her feelings for him will return. But there is one problem – is it possible that Caroline has feelings for him as well? Duh! And will Stefan decide to be with Elena knowing she did a ctrl+delete on Damon? We hope NO!

What do YOU think? Watch the promo and tell us in the comments.

Everyone knows Caroline has a thing for guys with accents! Well looks like Michael Malarkey isn’t the only one trying to get into Caroline Forbes pants! Watch out Paul Wesley you have some competition!


Everyone knows that Paul Wesley wants Caroline and Stefan to get together, and yes it is cute but after the moves he has made everyone is starting to ship Enzo and Caroline! I personally like them two together myself! Michael Malarkey spilled his opinion to wetpaint and TVline! Here is the interview!


How does Vampire Diaries star Michael Malarkey (Enzo) feel about a possible romantic development between his character and the amazing Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola)? He totally ships it. Read on to find out what he told TVLine about Enzo and Caroline’s relationship!

“All romantic connotations aside, he considers [Caroline] one of his road dogs,” Michael said. “She ends up getting swept up alongside some of the missions he goes on and, for better or worse, they pair up. I also think he appreciates her sense of tenacity and loyalty. Also, she just has this elegance which is also attractive to him.”

We give any character who can recognize Caroline’s many strengths extra points. But “appreciates” — or even “digs” — is a far cry from romance. How would Michael feel about a potential Carenzo love story?

“I’m all for it,” Michael said. “Candice [Accola] is just a joy to work with. She’s got a real effervescent energy, and I’d love to have more scenes with her, romantic or otherwise.”

Oh, he is a charmer. As much as we ship Caroline with other handsome-yet-ruthless vampires, we have to admit these two have chemistry. Though, with the possibility of Steroline always on the horizon, might it be more likely that Caroline and Enzo remain road trip banter buddies? Or Do you think Caroline and Enzo will turn romantic? Do you want them to? Comment below!

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Screenshot 2014-10-12 at 2.25.56 PM

The last episode of The Vampire Diaries left us wondering what will Elena do now that she “hates” Damon, will Stefan and Caroline manage to restore their friendship and of course – who is the third person with Damon and Bonnie? We will find out more next Thursday when The Vampire Diaries returns with it’s third episode “Welcome To Paradise”. Here is the extended promo…


Michael Malarkey won fans’ hearts last season by playing Damon’s long lost buddy Enzo so he quickly became a regular for this season. We were looking forward to see Enzo in the season premiere of The Vampire Diaries, however the premiere was Enzo-less. This is sure going to change next week, as we can see from the first webclip for the second episode “Yellow Ledbetter”. We can see Carenzo teasing each other while driving to somewhere where they can find clues on how to remove the spell which forbids supernatural beings to enter Mystic Falls. And we think we know just where is Enzo taking Caroline – to see Stefan! Take a look and see how cute are this two together :)

Caroline Dries has hinted that Stefan, Elena, and Caroline will be back in Mystic Falls! Which means spirit magic will be back and they can go HOME!

Matt just might be on the right path that Mystic Falls will not be as safe as Jeremy thinks! It won’t be just littering and underage drinking, Spirit Magic WILL RETURN! So Caroline is on the right path! This also shows that the gang will be back together! Not to mention that we already know that Bonnie and Damon will be in Mystic Falls but they don’t know where they are plus they are on a different plane! Which brings us to the question… Will there be a traveler that breaks the spell? We know that the humans have a hidden agenda so is one of them a traveler? Or does one of them know something that no one else knows? We know Enzo will be in the next episode and has an idea! Caroline and Enzo will also find Stefan! So we know that they will be in Georgia! So we will see our vampires go home!

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Cast Photo
The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Cast Photo

Klayley, Klaoroline, Klamille shippers – we are very sorry to inform you that Joseph Morgan himself have just killed every little bit of hope you might have had. Apparently, Klaus will have so much on his mind in the upcoming episodes and will be so self-destructive that him having any love interest won’t end very well.


Joseph Morgan talked to TV Line about Klaus’ struggles with his enemies, family and his love life. He has spent the last couple of months not being able to react, not being able to get revenge. Oh, and painting of course. So at the very start of the season there is finally an opportunity to react, there is finally a plan that is productive. But, with all the enemies he has to face – which is the most threatening?

“[His parents are] both threatening in different ways. I couldn’t say because his father was very physically imposing… And his mother is incredibly emotionally manipulative. So they each have their tools that they use to try and get what they want, which, in fact, is where Klaus has learned that. Seeing a little more of the parents and how they to intend to get what they want, we can learn a lot more about Klaus. But I’m not sure which one is the more threatening. It depends which day of the week you catch them on.”

There were numerous reactions by fans after Rebekah’s exit – especially considering the fact that only two members of The Original family were left in New Orleans. Joseph shares the fans’ opinion and he too hoped that there will be more family friends involved in the series. And Rebekah will be back on the show at some point as her presence very important for the brothers’ dynamic. At the point, it seems like only the three of them can trust each other. Will Klaus be gaining any new allies?

“He’s not so good with allies, is he? He doesn’t play well with others. He’s good at temporary allies, like allies for an episode or two and then the old stab-in-the-back or whatever. He works with other people, but there’s no sort of fast ally that he has that’s solid there for him from the beginning to the end. He fluctuates. When it suits him, he allies himself with other people. When it doesn’t, he’s the first one to jump ship.”


There was a lot of buzz about an upcoming crossover from The Vampire Diaries to The Originals and fans were positively surprised to learn that it is going to be Nina Dobrev who will crossover, but as Tatia – the doppelganger who was loved by both Elijah and Klaus. Is there any chance that a new triangle is born including the brothers and Hayley?

“The three of them are like strangers when we find them. They very much feel the absence of Hope since evacuating her with Rebekah. There’s definitely a frustration there for Klaus, being around her, because she reminds him of what he’s lost. These are two people who really shouldn’t be in each other’s lives, but they have to be because they have a child. Because of that, they’re family, whether they like it or not. They have to learn to find some sort of equilibrium. Elijah and Klaus and Hayley work best when they’re on the same team, but it’s just very hard to get them to that place where they all agree on what should be done. It’s a struggle for him and for her to deal with the shared responsibility of this new being.”


Joseph says that a romance between Klaus and Hayley will likely never happen. In fact, Klaus will avoid romance in general in the near future, not even with Cami:

“I don’t think so. I don’t know. I hope not for Cami’s sake because he seems to destroy anyone that has any potential of getting close to him. He sabotages that relationship. They self-destructed in that way. So I don’t know of any love interests for him. But if there are, I’m sure it won’t end very well.”

And of course, there is always the Caroline question – is she on his mind at all, especially after his visit to Mystic Falls last season?

“Not that I know of.”

There you go. He said it. Period.

When The Vampire Diaries returns this Thursday after a four months break, everything is going to be upside down. With Damon and Bonnie being gone and Mystic Falls being “supernatural free”, our gang has too much to deal with. And everyone seems to have their own ways of moving on

While Elena is desperately trying to see Damon again – even trough hallucination and Caroline is trying to get all of her friends together again so they can help each other in a difficult time, Stefan seems to go totally out of character by getting away, finding a job – and a new girl! Watch Paul Wesley previewing what’s up for Stefan in the upcoming season…

Enzo fans – if you were worried that your favorite new series regular wasn’t included in the season six premiere of The Vampire Diaries, worry no more! Not only Enzo will be flirting with Caroline in the second episode, titled “Yellow Ledbetter“, but there are rumors that he and Matt will become “frenemies”. 

We have the official synopsis for 6×02 as well as promotional photos – dig in!


A LONG WAY HOMEKnowing she needs to come to terms with the loss of Damon (Ian Somerhalder), Elena (Nina Dobrev) turns to Alaric (Matt Davis) to help her move on with her life. Enzo (Michael Malarkey) convinces Caroline (Candice Accola) to join him as he tracks down a lead to get Damon and Bonnie (Kat Graham) back, but Caroline is shocked when they make an unexpected detour and uncover what Stefan (Paul Wesley) has been up to.

Meanwhile, Matt (Zach Roerig) worries about Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) who is spending time with Sarah (guest star Gabrielle Walsh), a mysterious girl who has recently arrived in Mystic Falls. Elsewhere, Tripp (guest star Colin Ferguson), leader of the community protection program, makes an interesting confession to Matt about his connection to the town.

Lastly, with the Other Side destroyed and gone for good, Damon and Bonnie reluctantly band together to uncover the mystery of where they are and how they are going to get back home. Pascal Verschooris directed the episode written by Julie Plec (#602).

TVD 6x02

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Image © CW Network

10 days to go guys and we will finally see the premiere of the much anticipated (maybe last?!) sixth season of The Vampire Diaries

Things are getting hotter and hotter as we get closer and closer to the first episode titled “I’ll Remember”. We have given you the Season 6 promo poster, cast photos AND the first webclip so no it’s time for a little mother/daughter time in the BRAND NEW exclusive clip… We are talking about our favorite blondes – Sheriff Forbes and Caroline. It seems like they have spent the summer together and Liz is now trying to make Caroline realize that it’s time to move on and get back with her friends. But hey, you know Caroline – she hasn’t given up on finding a way to get Bonnie and Damon back. It seems she is the only one still trying though… Take a look:

Although there is still plenty of time until the premiere of the sixth season of The Vampire Diaries (October 2 for those who STILL haven’t marked the date on their calendars) we still get quite enough spoilers and now even a webclip! Thank you CW!

So, what does our first glimpse of Season 6 makes us feel? Both confused and interested – that’s for sure. Something sneaky is going on… First of all what is Elena doing behind her notebook while Professor turned Vampire Alaric is teaching about the occult. And what’s going on between Liv and Tyler??? It seems like Caroline wasn’t the reason why he decided to get back to college.

Take a look guys and tell us what you think in the comments bellow!

PR people – You’ve done an awesome job! The new promo poster for Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries is looking so good and is making us even more excited for what’s to come…

The Vampire Diaries - Season 6 - Promotional Poster

And from what we are seeing it seems like Damon and Bonnie could be in an alternate reality of Mystic Falls.  If you noticed the background, there is two buildings that are almost identical. One of them is specifically behind Bonnie and Damon (who are separated from the group) and the other one is the with the rest of the cast. Also, the full moon is very prominent and Tyler is looking fearful; Matt is standing tall and proud, Jeremy is kinda reduced the background. Now, what really really makes fans curious is the whole Stelena hand holding thing. But we think it just signifies they will be working together and relying on each other to bring back Damon and Bonnie. This means Elena will somehow convince Stefan into helping her and they will get close again since they have all drifted apart since his death. We have no idea what is Caroline doing on the floor but she definitely looks like she is going trough a rough time… Alaric and Enzo are looking super hot! 

What do you think about the poster? Tell us in the comments bellow…

Elena is feeding on people, Stefan moved away and has a GIRLFRIEND, and Mystic Falls is humans only.. but, something is killing Humans!

This Vampire Diaries Promo shows what we are getting into with the 6th season Matt is moving towards no vampires, Elena is acting like Damon and Caroline is lonely. Luke is the one giving Elena the herbs to see Damon. Stefan tells his new girl friend he is a vampire its gonna be a crazy season!

Here is the amazing promo for TVD season 6


Elena has a drug problem! She takes witch herbs that allows her to see Damon and that’s not all she will do to see him!

Caroline calls everyone to try to help Elena because she is spiraling out of control! She will do anything literally to see Damon! Even if the Damon she sees says let me go! Stefan is struggles because of Damon but also because Elena constantly looking for ways to see him. Because she has seen him for her the relationship is not over yet, and she has yet have had time to heal because she sees him constantly. If you don’t have the time to heal then you are going to still have that hole. Elena, Alaric, & Stefan Bond over Damon’s death eventually and become so close. The same cannot be said for Enzo, you would think that Because Damon was best friends with both of these guys that they would become friends but, its quite the opposite! Here is the first look at The Vampire Diaries season six! Comment Below on what you think!




Elena is Following her Father’s Footsteps & she is Going into Medicine! We Previously reported that Elena (Nina Dobrev) will be back at Whitmore College in season 6 of The Vampire Diaries and she will be studying medicine just like her adoptive father Greyson! No more Augustine to tell her what to study anymore!


Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries has a lot of pressure on it because the characters are all growing up and it could possibly be the last season if not the second to last season. Just like The Originals; The Vampire Diaries will have a four to six month time jump. You would think that Elena would have started to heal a little bit but, the first episode is titled I’ll Remember indicating she is no where near over Damon & Bonnie. She has so many questions which makes since. The otherside was created and now that it is gone where did all the spirits go?  Is her best friend and love of her life in a better place or are they watching over her? Is there a heaven and hell? Lexi (Arielle Kebbel) talked about how “Silas wanted to move on and be in peace with his one true love and whatever peace is its out there!”


Even though there are all these questions she has Stefan who isn’t being as respectful towards Elena as he should be! Stefan will be a lot more careless to what Elena wants! Maybe Elena is going to follow Greyson’s footsteps to do what her father wanted to accomplish and heal people with vampire blood. Also to repay all the people he tortured its like karma balancing out. As for now Elena is keeping time going by studying medicine and meeting new human people! Kai is one of the new characters who is a pre-med student that will most likely be in Elena’s classes, or will help Elena get threw hard times. Kai is very cute by the way so maybe eventually Kai and Elena will get together! Now that Augustine is no longer in business Elena and Caroline can change their majors back to what they firwst wanted! You never know maybe all the studying with Jesse made Caroline like micro-biology! Elena could have went back to being a communications major but changed her mind. Maybe Caroline changed her major back to acting! She was always great at being Klaus bait!

Caroline Acting like she was mad at Rebekah for stealing her dance comitee chair
Caroline Acting like she was mad at Rebekah for stealing her dance comitee chair


Season 6 Spoilers for The Vampire Diaries! TVD has got multiple new characters for season 6! Spoilers and what we are walking into with season six ahead! BTS Photos of Possibly the last season if not the last it is the second to last season! Lets get the juicy new characters going! The Vampire Diaries first episode of season 6 is titled “I’ll Remember”.



This episode is Elena-centric. There will be a 4 month time jump since the events of Season Five’s finale, “Home”. Which places the start of Season Six in late October 2012 or early November 2012 in the series timeline.Elena’s struggles will be one of the key topics of the episode as well as Elena’s grief, Stefan’s big choices, Damon and Bonnie’s fate also being key topics! Elena will be returning back to Whitmore and will study medicine just like her adoptive father Greyson! She will be classmates with Liam a new character and Med student. Matt will get a job that is better then being the busboy/ bar tender at the Mystic Grill! He will most likely get a job in Law enforcement. Matt will also have a Girlfriend! Things will be looking up for our token Human character! Plus there are so many more new human characters in the show!


Enzo becomes a series regular. Alaric returns as a series regular in  season 6, after being resurrected in “Home”. He struggles as a vampire and Enzo and Alaric although they both shared a special connection with Damon they will not get along at all!  Alaric will be compelling himself a teaching job at a university, probably Whitmore. Nina Dobrev in vague answers to a Hypable interview at Comic Con 2014 said that this episode (I’ll Remember) is about Elena’s sanity, is she going crazy. She is still grieving over the Loss of Damon and Bonnie.


Caroline Will not be able to help Stefan any longer in season 6! Julie Plec Confirmed with Tvline that even though Caroline was kind of the new lexi and was always helping Stefan and they were  growing closer Caroline cannot fill the gap in Stefans heart that was his brother.. Stefan does something that really hurts Elena and Caroline! Some of the Characters are still in Denial like Elena and still searching for answers. Elena is going crazy and Stefan doesn’t help by making a decision about Damon that will hurt her deeply! Stefan is going crazy and will have a ton of flashbacks with the wonder Lexi, and his journey is everywhere.

Lets get started with the New Characters! Here is the Newest blood on TVD check it out!

Screenshot 2014-07-30 at 9.37.18 AM

First we have a human named Tripp (Originally his name was going to be Mitch but was later changed) who is played by Colin Ferguson, he is head of a community militia and surrogate father to his young trainees who will do anything to protect his town. He’ll end up giving Sheriff Forbes a run for her money.He’s described as handsome, strong, and disciplined. He is tall and has blue eyes in his 40’s. His first appearance will be in the premiere of Season Six of The Vampire Diaries! Julie plec says although he will cause problems for the MFG, he isn’t a villain.


Screenshot 2014-07-30 at 11.44.15 AM

Then we have Ivy played by Emily Chang and will be in the premiere episode of The Vampire Diaries. She is also Human her job is unknown so far but she is Asian descent and there is not much known of her yet other than “the quintessential girl next door with an unexpected wild side”, and that she’s not who she appears to be. Physically, Ivy is a very beautiful young woman, who appears to have Chinese heritage. She has shoulder-length black hair and dark-chocolate brown eyes. She also has light-olive skin.




We have another human named Sarah! She is a new character who will be in the first episode of season 6 “I’ll Remember” and is played by Gabrielle Walsh. Physically, Sarah appears to be a very beautiful young woman, with long, curly jet black hair and light brown eyes. Due to her African-American heritage, she has a nice light-complexion with a slim and athletic build. She’s described as spunky, street smart, and has a shady agenda! She could be a potential antagonist for season six.





Next is Liam a currently a college student at Whitmore. His species is unknown so far but, what we do know is Liam is a “cocky yet good-natured” med student at Whitmore College, who comes from a family of doctors. An attractive and smart upperclassman at Whitmore College. Liam has short-dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, to match. He also has a light complexion and stands about 5’9″. Since in season six Nina (Elena) will be in medicine Liam is most likely to be around her in her. He will most likely be in Elena Gilbert’s pre-med class, which means he will interact with her the most and maybe become her new bestie!




Then there is Jo played by Jodi Lyn O’Keefe. Jo is described as a tough and accomplished doctor at the university hospital. She demands excellence from her students and has learned the hard way that there’s no room for error in her profession. Physically, Jo is a very beautiful young woman, with long jet black hair and piercing blue eyes. She stands about 5’10” and has slim and athletic figure. We don’t know her age or species or anything else about her yet but based on her personality, it is hinted that she could have previously lost a patient. Jo will be in the premiere of season six.




Chris Wood plays Kai, a new character that is a charmingly unstable newcomer with the unsettling ability to seem normal as the situation demands. He can be both playful and obsessive with a mix of adolescent angst. Physically, Kai has handsome features and has very dark brown hair and blue-grey eyes.


We don’t know the name of Jason warner Smiths character yet but, we know he the owner of a high end hot-rod shop, in The Vampire Diaries. The location or the importance of the shop is unknown yet. but we have a lot to look forward too!

Last but not least my favorite named character because it is my name is Amy! Amy has nothing known about her yet! We don’t know her actress yet or her description. She possibly could be Matts new Girlfriend, or could be a member of Liv and Lukes coven. As soon as we have more information about Amy we will let you know!

Here are some BTS photos of the cast of The Vampire Diaries!


Tell us what you think of these new characters and whats to come on season 6!



The premiere episode of “The Vampire Diaries” Season 6 has been teased to be an emotional one as Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) deal with losing Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Bonnie (Kat Graham) to the Other Side even with the time jump. The latest spoiler reports on the CW TV series claim Stefan will find comfort from a “surprising source.”

Elena & Stefan
According to the TVLine Ask Ausiello spoiler report, Stefan will be devastated over his brother’s death that he will turn to a surprising source for comfort. When Stefan is feeling down, it is often speculated that Caroline (Candice Accola) or Elena Gilbert could cheer up the Salvatore vampire.
However, the spoiler report claims neither of the two girls will be comforting Stefan so speculations on who that person will be started to circulate. The Wet Paint report suggests it could be Enzo (Michael Malarkey).
The pairing sounds surprising since Enzo made it look like Stefan killed him in “The Vampire Diaries” Season 5, Episode 19 titled “Man on Fire” after finding out that it was Damon who actually killed his lady love Maggie James (Heather Hemmens). The Augustine vampire wanted the relationship of the Salvatore brothers ruined as retribution for what Damon did to Maggie.
However, the two characters could be comforting each other in “The Vampire Diaries” Season 6 since their bond with Damon is strong. Enzo has been Damon’s cell mate, best friend and sort of brother while he was apart from Stefan.
Damon and Enzo or the “Denzo” relationship may have been strained with the murder of Maggie but Enzo will surely miss his buddy who was not able to come back from the Other Side after it collapsed. Additionally, Enzo and Stefan could join forces in consoling Elena, who was deeply hurt when she found out that Damon is gone in the Season 5 finale.
Meanwhile, the latest spoiler reports on “The Vampire Diaries” Season 6 suggest that Elena Gilbert will accept death without hesitation if it means she will be reunited with Damon Salvatore again.
“The Vampire Diaries” Season 6 is set to premiere on Thursday night, Oct 2, at 8 pm on the CW Network.


Welcome to my first installment of posts about our Beloved Bennett witch, Bonnie!  We are traveling back in time to the first half of TVD Season One.

From the very beginning of  The Vampire Diaries we know in her hat Bonnie is the kind of girl that everyone wants as a friend!  Her witch juju is just an added “Bennett-fit”.

Both Elena and Caroline consider her their best friend.  She is beautiful and bubbly and is straight forward in her own gentle way. When Caroline complains about the guys always picking Elena Bonnie states …“its because she doesn’t try…” and later follows up with a heart felt …“everything will get better”…


Bonnie has to warn Elena about the strange vibes she gets from touching Stefan and tells her that she doesn’t trust him and is genuinely worried about Elena.

Throughout Season One Bonnie constantly considers her friends feelings and relationships above her own and costs her dearly by the end of the season.

Bonnie does have a bad feeling about a dark journey for herself in the first episode.  We know that she has a sense of her magic and believes it is more than luck when she is able to predict the commercials during Glee!  Lol

She is so excited about her magic at first!  I love the scene where Bonnie makes all the feathers fly above Elena’s bed.  The girls were giddy and care free in that moment with the biggests smiles.


Bonnie becomes more and more intrigued with her powers and on Founder’s Day decides to try her luck at lighting one candle…she turns and the whole dining room is brimming with lighted candles Everywhere.  She even goes to the Halloween Dance as  witch!!  Ha ha!

Bonnie decides it’s time to go to her Grams for help and advice on this whole witch business.  She is eager to learn all the fun stuff!  Gram warns her that magic is nothing to play around with and is to be taken very seriously.  She teaches Bonnie of their history and the long line of Bennett witches.  They have been in Mystic Falls for 6 generations.  Emily Bennett came to Mystic Falls straight from Salem to escape The Witch Trials of that day.

Meanwhile via Damon, Caroline has one of Bonnie’s family heirlooms and does not know it.  Ironically Caroline does not care for it and gives it to Bonnie.  The necklace allows Emily Bennett to visit Bonnie in her sleep.  One morning Bonnie wakes up in the cemetery!


Bonnie decides to have a seance at Elena’s with Elena and Caroline.   She manages to summon Emily and Emily takes over Bonnie and repeats “incendita” and all hell breaks loose.

Emily takes over Bonnie in front of Damon chanting “it’s coming”.  Damon goes cra cra and attacks Emily/Bonnie and almost kills her.  Thank God Stefan is able to heal Bonnie with his blood.

This is the beginning of Bonnie’s huge dislike of Damon and the start of trusting Stefan.


Please be on the look out for my next post on Bonnie in “witch” I will review the last half of Season One and how our beloved witch lives through some very ruff  “spells”.

Thank you @KatGraham for bringing such an awesome character to live in our hearts!



Arielle Kebbel who plays Stefans best friend will be in the 6th season of The Vampire Diaries! Sadly only in a ton of flashbacks. At the end of Season 5 of The Vampire Diaries Julie Plec and MIchael Narducci admitted that Arielle had found peace and went onto a better place. Everyone loves Lexi for always pulling Stefan back on to the right track and Stefan is going to be in the dark place. He is literally at a point where he can go in any direction. There will be a time jump which will probably skip the Denial, Anger, and hating Etc. when we return to The Vampire Diaries. Steroline might be in full swing as well but, The next season of the vampire diaries is all about going to the basics. Trying to move on and live. So we will see a lot of Arielle and she is amazing as Lexi and her relationship with Stefan from the past.



With Caroline being both Stefan and Elena‘s BFF, you must admit that Steroline would be a little awkward, but hey – it is The Vampire Diaries after all and it seems like both Stefan and Elena have moved on. There are lots of different opinions among the fans, like Klarolineres for example who are totally against Stefan and Caroline hooking up, but let’s see what Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev think about it…

The onscreen former “epic love” couple talked to TVLine about their feelings towards the happening of Claroline. Paul (being awkwardly funny as always thinks they should skip the dating part: “They need to have sex, just get right to it. We’d have sex in the Salvatore crypt. That’s the way to go, man.” 


Nina thinks that Elena will “figure out a way to be OK” with Caroline’s feelings for Stefan, adding, “It’s going to be a little awkward, but let’s be real, who is Elena to judge? She dated a brother, then dated his brother, then went back and forth. She can’t say anything. She has no right.”

Well, we agree with both of them! After all – sex is a great grief therapy so we can totally see Stefan and Caroline being “friends with benefits” while none of them wants to talk about what is actually happening between them. And Elena – she sure doesn’t have right to judge…

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The Vampire Diaries Season 6  Spoilers! We know that Enzo (Michael Malarkey) will be a series regular as well as Alaric (Matt Davis). There are ten confirmed actors that are going to be on the 6th season including Damon (Ian Somerhalder). Despite going away along with The Other Side after their deaths, Bonnie and Damon continue to be a part of the main cast, though they will be seen in a different place. Julie Plec confirmed that there would be a big time jump at the beginning of this season and that not all the characters will be in the same place. She said Elena will teach Alaric how to live a secret life as a vampire, plus we’ll see who their new friends are. Season 6 will be the third season to have a time jump between the start of the season and the end of the previous season. the first season to do this was season three, then season five now season six!  There are 10 Main Characters this season so far, that have been confirmed season Three was the last time this happened. Plus Fresh blood! A new female character will be introduced this season!

The main characters are:

Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert

Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore

Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore

Steven R. McQueen as Jeremy Gilbert

Kat Graham as Bonnie Bennett

Candice Accola as Caroline Forbes

Zach Roerig as Matt Donovan

Michael Trevino as Tyler Lockwood

Matt Davis as Alaric Saltzman

Michael Malarkey as Lorenzo/ Enzo

People that are not yet confirmed are :

Marguerite MacIntyre as Liz Forbes

Penelope Mitchell as Liv Parker

Chris Brochu as Luke Parker

Season Six will be the story of their journey back to each other as they explore the duality of good versus evil inside themselves on their quest to reclaim their home. Tyler is now just a werewolf who will have to turn every full moon! Steroline is happening! Stefan and Caroline could be together already because of the time jump in the very first episode! Alaric is a vampire that wants to lay low and Elena will be focusing on trying to help him adjust to being a vampire and the natural instincts that come with it, which we all know are hard to curve but, thankfully alcohol curves cravings and Alaric is a master drinker! We will see what Sheila Bennett gave up to give Bonnie in the 6th season. In the season finale Sheila told Bonnie she isn’t the only one in this family that knows how to make a sacrifice and made sure that Bonnie would be okay.

Damon and Bonnie are not out of the picture yet though they are not in the same plane or dimension as the rest of the living.  We finally get to see who was the “Boss” of the other side. Why some people on the otherside found peace! Like Aunt Jenna. We learn this from an interview from TVline. You can see the rest of the interview here;   http://tvline.com/2014/05/16/vampire-diaries-season-6-spoilers-damon-bonnie-dead-alive/

Also in season 6 we get to see a lot more of Paul Wesley’s directing! He will be directing more than one episode! Congrats to Paul! “Resident Evil” was a hit! The 6th season will be airing Oct. 2014- May 2015! So we have a few long months to wait!

Here is the TVline Interview with Julie Plec on Season 6!

TVLINE | What’s the difference between those who found peace, versus those who were sucked into oblivion? Did they end up in different places?
That whole idea of finding peace, versus getting sucked into oblivion, was deliberately structured this year to be left open to interpretation. We don’t like to say things like “heaven” and “hell” on our show, but anybody can define what they saw the way they want to define it. I can say that Lexi, in my heart, found peace, and I believe the same is true for Grams. I definitely know that Silas and Markos and everybody else is definitely gone for good. As for Damon and Bonnie, the question is: What happened to them? What did they find?

TVLINE | Now, for some questions about the people who came back: Is Tyler fully human, or just back to being a werewolf?
He’s back to being a human with the werewolf gene, which means he’s going to have to relive that whole experience all over again, this time knowing about it much earlier. He won’t be that messed-up kid with all the aggression he can’t understand; now he knows where it’s coming from. But he’s still going to have to work hard to keep his temperaments reigned in, and to find an outlet for that physical frustration that comes along with having the werewolf gene. If he hurts someone again, he’ll have to go through that whole journey. And as we saw, it was not fun for him.

TVLINE | So, no more dungeons and chains for him?
Well, you never know. Hopefully, he succeeds at holding his rage in.

Vampire Diaries Season 6 SpoilersTVLINE | And is Alaric still a vampire, or did he go back to being a human?
Alaric is still a vampire, who is struggling in a weird way. We never got to see him respond to being one, because he was quote-unquote evil at the hands of Esther back in Season 3. So this is a much more human experience for him. He’ll struggle with what he’s become and how he’s supposed to live with that.

TVLINE | Enzo also made it back. Is he still pissed at Stefan, or is he over all that?
Oh, Enzo’s not making any friends. The beauty of Enzo is that we find him delightful, but he doesn’t need any friends. He definitely is a thorn in a couple people’s side, and will continue to be so in that delicious, devilish way that he has.

TVLINE | And will Michael Malarkey become a series regular?
Yes, he is. We’ve got our two new bros [Alaric and Enzo], the potential points of the Damon love triangle. [Laughs]

TVLINE | What can you say about Stefan’s state of mind in Season 6?
I think it’ll be surprising. I don’t want to say too much about it, but he lost something very profound, and there are a million ways he could go. He could go light, he could go dark, he could go pure, he could lose his mind and get on a motorcycle and drive to Miami. So what he ultimately ends up doing will be an interesting reflection on his state of mind at the moment — and very fun for Paul [Wesley] to play.

TVLINE | Given Caroline’s feelings for Stefan, and now the return of her ex, might there be a triangular shape forming there?
Honestly, we can officially say that Caroline and Tyler have reached a point where they genuinely and legitimately care about each other and have found their way back to being friends, but are no longer a couple. I think Caroline and Tyler’s individual responses to losing Damon and Bonnie will set each of them on a new path in their life. Caroline is holding very strongly onto the idea that “We need to stick together in order to find our way back home and be allowed back into our town.” And Tyler’s thinking, “Hey, maybe it’s time for me to go live my life.” So everyone’s response to the events of the finale will be different and profound.

vampire-diaries-season-6-spoilers-bonniedamonTVLINE | We’ve been told that the finale would make death irreversible from now on. What does that mean for Bonnie and Damon?
I think it means there’s a mystery attached to how the show ended. Did they die? Did they find peace? Are they still on the Other Side? Does the Other Side still exist? If not, where the hell are they? And will they ever come back? Certainly, we will see Ian [Somerhalder] and Kat [Graham] again, but where and in what context? That’s part of the mystery of Season 6.

TVLINE | I assume we won’t meet their doppelgangers.
[Laughs] No! No doppelgangers. That was some Season 5 fun we got to have, but with Katherine and Silas gone, I think we’re done with that.

TVLINE | I’m sure this mostly has to do with scheduling, but in terms of which characters got to come back, how did you decide who made the cut? There were definitely others, like Aunt Jenna, who would have been a welcome sight.
Aunt Jenna, we had always said, has found peace. So she wasn’t on the Other Side and wasn’t part of the disintegration of it. She’s always been off in that beautiful netherworld, whatever it may be. I think there are characters we’d already given goodbyes to, and there are characters that — even though we say goodbye to them a million times — we get excited anytime they show up on the screen. So in trying to show the consequence of the demise of the Other Side, we really did have to say goodbye to some fan-favorites. And it was our only opportunity to bring back any fan-favorites, so there were a lot of conversations about who we might like to bring back, and Alaric was the first name on everybody’s lips. If you couldn’t live with losing one of these characters, who would it be? So we asked Matt Davis if he’d be interested in coming back, and he said, “Yes.”

TVLINE | OK, now for the big one: Where is Matt going to work now that the Mystic Grill is gone?
Weirdly enough, in spite of the grief attached to the circumstance of what happened, Matt Donovan came out the other side in the strongest way. He’s in a town with no supernatural entities, he’s out of high school, he’s grown into a young man, and he begins to find his way as he steps out on a new career path that might lead him to being someone you’d like to have protecting you in the town of Mystic Falls. [Editor’s note: Anyone else picturing Matt Donovan in uniform? You have the right to remain excited.] He’s living a pretty decent life, so it’s sad that his friends can’t be there with him, but at least it’s peaceful.

TVLINE | Rumor has it he also might be getting a love interest next season?
It’s possible. We’re definitely introducing a new female character next year, and she will be able to live in Mystic Falls. So that leaves Matt, Jeremy and Tyler — on a good day — for dating opportunities in that age range. One of them might get lucky.

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We haven’t updated the past couple Vampire Diaries #Rehash so here is the couple that we have missed updating! The rehashes are too funny not to watch and most of all they are from they fans! Arielle Kebbel does an amazing job but, she wouldn’t have such a great job with out the fans punchlines! So here is going from oldest to newest! The First one is:

“Rescue Me”:

“What Lies Beneath”

“Man On Fire”

“Promise Land”

Watch the season finale this THURSDAY @ 8/7c

After julian/ tyler ripped Stefans heart out in the last episode Daon and the rest of the gang are out for blood! They need to get the spell to get everyone from the otherside back! If possible! Damons plan is to blow up the travelers! Also the whole town of Mystic Falls! Here is the amazing Promo and season finale of The Vampire Diaries!


Caroline is planning ways to get Tyler back & Bonnie finally fesses up! Telling Caroline that she made up the spell that Liv was going to preform and pretty much she is dying all over again!  everyone on the otherside will Die perminatly!

Here is the promo for “promise Land”