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In the mid-season finale, TVD’s 50 Shades of Grayson we are all left in true TVD style…bouncing off the walls like Elena’s soccer ball bouding down those creepy basement steps.

We finally know Elena’s dad and his part in all this Augustine mess.  We also found out how our mate, Enzo survived the fire fifty years ago when Damon left him to die.

Fan Favorite Candice Accola talked to Eonline and Hollywoodlife about the future of Klaus and Caroline and the most anticipated event – their Goodbye before he officially moves to New Orleans. We have so many questions about these two – Are we going to finally see a kiss? Is Klaus going to tell her about the baby thing? What will Caroline reaction be when she finds out Klaus is leaving for good? Finally, does the beginning of The Originals means The End of Klaroline?

Here’s what Accola has to say…

“We will see Klaus return to Mystic Falls before the end of the season, and Caroline will find out that he’s moved to New Orleans, but she won’t understand the reason why. She doesn’t know he’s going to be a dad. She doesn’t know any of this information. I knew they wanted to explore a spin off and I thought this created such a beautiful platform: For one of the oldest vampires in the history of our mythology to all of a sudden have the most human experience of becoming a parent and especially because there’s so much family legacy and issues between Klaus and [his siblings]. That’s all they really wanted and they’re actually going to get a chance to do that.”

“I’ve gotten a lot of questions as to whether Caroline will be going over to the Originals. Right now, to my knowledge, Caroline will be in Mystic Falls, or she might go off to college,” she explains. “We are going to be going into these characters going off to school, so right now I don’t really see Caroline jumping on a plane to go to New Orleans. I think it’d be a blast and I think a lot of shows have had success with it before, I think it’s definitely possible and I think it’d be really fun because I love working with Joseph and Claire and everyone I’ve met so far who’s been cast for The Originals. But I don’t see it happening anytime soon.”

“As far as the end of season four, Caroline is going to learn this valuable lesson: Sometimes when you get what you want, it’s not actually what you want.”


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