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We hope you all enjoyed tonight’s episode! The Originals returns next week with a whole new episode titled “An Unblinking Death” Here is the official synopsis and the first preview…

THE BREAKING POINT – Desperate to help Kieran (guest star Todd Stashwick), Cami (Leah Pipes) insists on an unconventional treatment, but her good intentions lead Kieran to a violent episode. After Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) disagree over the best way to handle the Crescent Wolves, Elijah makes a trip to the bayou, where he is witness to a horrific explosion that only adds to the hatred and mistrust among the communities. While Jackson (guest star Nathan Parsons) and Elijah work to save the wounded, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) learns a surprising piece of her family history from Marcel (Charles Michael Davis). Kellie Cyrus directed the episode written by Ashley Lyle & Bart Nickerson (#119).

Don’t forget to watch the episode on April 22 at 8pm on The CW!

This was an epic episode for TVD! It was not only the 100th episode which is epic in itself, but, the fans made it the number two show in the ratings for that time slot only being beat by American Idol in the ratings. Yay Us! We made the CW rate with the bigger networks!

OMG – we just died! A brand new spoilerish video is out for the most anticipated 100th episode of The Vampire Diaries and what happens next in the show and it is all about the fact that “Actions always speak louder than words”. We are reminded of the way Damon tried to explain Elena he won’t change and his way of what we think is a break up, just to be blown away by scenes from the upcoming episode. The bad brother Damon is officially back, but Stefan is here to help him and he won’t give up in his attempt. Will Elena do the same or will she move one? Lets forget about that for a minute and concentrate on what happens at 0:35 – “Hello Caroline” says Klaus and we all just died.

Wow – we didn’t expect this! Tv Guide has the most amazing news ever – Klaus is returning to Mystic Falls. This is the coolest thing ever. After Tyler making the first cross-over between The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, now we’ll get to see Klaus again in Mystic Falls. So, what do you think will bring him back? As we saw this Tuesday a war is brewing in New Orleans with Tyler determent to win over Klaus and he has Marcel on his sight.

We guess there will be no Forwood at college! Candice Accola dishes that she would like to see Caroline single at college noting that college should be fun for the girls in Season 5 as there will be plenty of new  good looking guys. Oh, and guys – Caroline is still on the Stefan team (as we would thought different)

Watch the beautiful and talented Candice Accola discuss Caroline, Season 5 of The Vampire Diaries and her most interesting fan encounter (hint – a massage is involved):


So many Klaroline fans waited for their Season 5 finale moment and all they got was a kiss in the cheek! However, there is still hope for the popular fantasy couple…

In a recent Q&A session with executive producer Julie Plec at the 2013 ATX Television Festival, she says the crew at the “Vampire Diaries” knew they were going to give Caroline a “young, bright eyed girl,” a “moment” with Klaus, who is an “old seasoned vampire.”

“It was something that we thought was very interesting for Klaus — who had been sort of dispassionate about anybody else — to connect with this random person for no apparent reason. When we saw it put together for the first time all of us were like, ‘Holy s–t, that’s good. He’s the villain. So how do you continue to love this connection that these two have that works so powerfully without compromising the villainy of a hideous and hateful … and delightful character.”  Plec explains

And altough Plec once again brings up all the bad things Klaus has done that Caroline can not easily forgive, she gives Klaroline fans a hint of hope by saying that “There is something so magical between them that I would say is definitely not the end of that journey”

Oh you are right Julie, it is Pure Magic!

Plec promised an Epic Season 4 Finale and an Epic Finale we got! Matt & Rebekah shared their first kiss and decided to set off for the summer together, Elena chose Damon, Klaus and Caroline had their goodbye (for now), Jeremy is resurrected while Bonnie is still dead and trapped on the other side and we got the two HUGE cliffhangers:  Silas’ real face is exactly the same as Stefan’s?!?! Yes, you read right – Stefan is Silas doppelganger and now he is laying trapped at the bottom of the lake. Katherine is cured! This was a big surprise and it will be sure be fun to watch her trying to cope with being human! After all this, how will we survive 5 months without knowing where will this stories go in Season 5???

Julie Plec gave us some explanation on what happened in the Finale and Season 5 hints in an exclusive interview for Zap2It

On Silas/Stefan doppelganger story: “Last year, when Season 3 was over, we kept a small group of writers and we stayed for five weeks, to try to break the broad strokes of Season 4. Last year, right around this time, we came up with the doppelgänger pitch. We had to convince a lot of different people of how it could work and what could make it work.  So that we didn’t end up in a similar situation as with Katherine and Elena, where we exhausted Nina to the point of being unable to get out of her bed, because we accidentally overworked her so much. Creatively, everybody was very excited about the Silas doppelganger, it was just a matter of how long it took us to cement it, knowing that’s fundamentally what we’re going to do.”
“He (Paul) is so happy,” Julie laughs. “Playing the straight man hero is not always the most exciting job for an actor, and Stefan, of all our heroes, is the straightest on the show. We get to go deeper into his ripper side sometimes, but for Paul, those moments are just pocket moments of opportunity to dig deeply into his craft, and a lot of other times he feels like he’s just grooming his hero hair. So obviously, he’s very enthusiastic about this, and has been supportive of it all along. He’s been dying for something; to be a jerk, to be evil, to be the bad guy, to be able to stretch his muscles.”

On resurrecting Jeremy: “It’s something that we talked about a lot. Our intention, originally, was to say goodbye [to Jeremy] permanently. But then a lot of questions came up about the power of this girl losing her only living relative. It was so important to her journey at that moment. The global, eternally reaching tragedy attached to that is really sad, and really depressing.We argued a lot, in the writer’s room — could we successfully bring this character back in a way that wouldn’t feel cheap? Ultimately, I think that the way that it plays out, it does feel like the natural gift at the end of the season for this character that has been through so much. [Getting Jeremy back] resets her, in a way, where she can now get on with her life and live like the Elena that we know. Critically, you can look at something and go, ‘Well, that’s a take-back, it’s not fair,’ but emotionally, I think, it’s a positive. We might get hammered for it. We’ll see. I’m hoping people will be so glad to see our Elena pull her life back together, they’ll accept it.”

Will we see Bonnie in Season 5?:  “Here’s what I’ll say about Bonnie: I haven’t personally seen ‘Being Human,’ but I do know that they have a ghost character that operates pretty successfully on that show. This is not the last we’ve seen of Bonnie. If anything, she will be right there in the middle of story next season, just with a few new complications.”

On Season 5 Delena:  “We’re going to get to see Damon trying to be a good boyfriend, and while it’s not going to be easy, he’s going to try like hell to make it work, and they’re going to have a real opportunity for happiness.”

The future of Human Katherine: “As a human, she’s still very, very bad. If anything, she feels silly for letting herself get vulnerable, and she’s taking out that frustration of her own vulnerability on Elena. If Elena goes after her, Katherine’s still ready to kick that puppy.”

source: Zap2It



Ever since The Originals pilot aired Klaroline fans are out of their minds wondering what will Hayley’s pregnancy mean to the future of their favorite fantasy couple. Julie Plec, the showrunner for both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals made some pretty clear points on where will the baby story take Klaus in the spin off and how will affect his future with Caroline, or the future of their “Second most controversial love triangle” as Klaus “murdered her boyfriend’s mother and sent him running from town like a chicken” Ok, we know Klaus has done some nasty things in the past, but lets be honest – who haven’t done bad things in Mystic Falls (except Matt Donovan of course)?
So, Klaroline fans, you can keep calm as Julie says there is not some grand “Klayley” endgame romance brewing in  Louisiana: “The bottom line is that this baby, as we move forward in ‘The Originals,’ is just a power pawn for him, Klaus’s journey will be to live up to Elijah’s hope, which is that this is going to be the thing that can bring their family back together. This is absolutely not Papa Klaus nursing and changing diapers and suddenly being a good guy, nor will it ever be. This is part of a big picture of taking someone who has been terribly villainous and filled with rage, and hurt as a result of being colossally disappointed by his family, repeatedly — this is another layer onto the evolution of trying to bring him some sort of inner peace”
Oh, and we still have the much talked about sweet Klaroline moment in this season finale of The Vampire Diaries:  “We haven’t seen the last of Klaus’s affection for Caroline, and we certainly haven’t seen the last of Caroline’s confusion about Klaus. That’ll take us past the finale and into both series, in small and subtle ways, certainly, and then possibly with crossover opportunity moving forward.” Plec assures us!

source: Zap2It




So many things to look forward to in The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Grand Finale! As much as we don’t want this season to never end, the finale episode “Graduation” is in just little over a week! The latest spoilers made us both sad and happy as we are warned to shed both sad&happy tears in the final hour of the finale…which includes an epic declaration of love. Hmm, now we are really eager to find out who will make this declaration – will it be Elena and to which brother will she confess her love, or maybe Caroline will finally tell Klaus she has feelings for him? Our bets are on Elena&Damon. A duo will finally be setting off for the summer together…yes, finally! Is it Elena&Damon again, or maybe even Caroline&Tyler??? The finale wouldn’t be a TVD season finale without a major death and we are really unprepared for it! At least we were promised that one resurrected character will stay forever…

Last but not least – another character heading on a path that will leave fans screaming at their screen. We hope it is Stefan!!! What do you think???

Fan Favorite Candice Accola talked to Eonline and Hollywoodlife about the future of Klaus and Caroline and the most anticipated event – their Goodbye before he officially moves to New Orleans. We have so many questions about these two – Are we going to finally see a kiss? Is Klaus going to tell her about the baby thing? What will Caroline reaction be when she finds out Klaus is leaving for good? Finally, does the beginning of The Originals means The End of Klaroline?

Here’s what Accola has to say…

“We will see Klaus return to Mystic Falls before the end of the season, and Caroline will find out that he’s moved to New Orleans, but she won’t understand the reason why. She doesn’t know he’s going to be a dad. She doesn’t know any of this information. I knew they wanted to explore a spin off and I thought this created such a beautiful platform: For one of the oldest vampires in the history of our mythology to all of a sudden have the most human experience of becoming a parent and especially because there’s so much family legacy and issues between Klaus and [his siblings]. That’s all they really wanted and they’re actually going to get a chance to do that.”

“I’ve gotten a lot of questions as to whether Caroline will be going over to the Originals. Right now, to my knowledge, Caroline will be in Mystic Falls, or she might go off to college,” she explains. “We are going to be going into these characters going off to school, so right now I don’t really see Caroline jumping on a plane to go to New Orleans. I think it’d be a blast and I think a lot of shows have had success with it before, I think it’s definitely possible and I think it’d be really fun because I love working with Joseph and Claire and everyone I’ve met so far who’s been cast for The Originals. But I don’t see it happening anytime soon.”

“As far as the end of season four, Caroline is going to learn this valuable lesson: Sometimes when you get what you want, it’s not actually what you want.”


sources: eonline & hollywoodlife 


We are very well aware that Caroline is in charge every time there is an upcoming event in Mystic Falls so it is not a surprised that she’ll be focused on Graduation Ceremony. But, don’t you worry Klaroline fans, cause Candice Accola tells you in an interview for TVGuide that you will be much satisfied with the final episodes!

“Obviously Klaus has his hands full in New Orleans … but there are going to be some great moments in the final three episodes that will leave the fans satisfied, but still wanting more from the two of them,” Accola tells us in the video below. “Klaroline fans … will be intrigued by this week’s episode — they’re going to have some moments.”

Elena’s been really mean to Caroline lately, but Candice says

“What I love about Caroline is that her perspective has grown tenfold as the series has gone on. So, I don’t think she’s going to hold Elena fully accountable for all those moments when she hasn’t been the kindest … but it will be addressed that Caroline is aware [Elena] hasn’t been a very nice friend.”

Watch The Full Interview HERE


source: TV Guide




Only 2 episodes to go till The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Grand Finale!

We can’t believe it is almost over…

The final episode is called “GRADUATION” We will see our Mystic Falls High Schoolers graduate – but things won’t go smoothly and graduation will be interrupted – by ghosts! Here is the official Synopsis

WHO WILL TAKE THE CURE? — On Graduation Day, Mystic Falls is overrun with ghosts intent on settling old scores and fulfilling their supernatural destinies. Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) life is in danger after a ghostly encounter, while Matt (Zach Roerig) and Rebekah (Claire Holt) join forces to battle a ghost determined to find the cure. As everyone gathers for the graduation ceremony and the ghosts converge, help comes from an unlikely hero. Caroline (Candice Accola) receives a touching and unexpected graduation present, and Bonnie’s (Kat Graham) plan leads to the closing of the veil. Elena (Nina Dobrev) makes a decision about the Salvatore brothers and faces an epic confrontation with Katherine (Nina Dobrev). Finally, Stefan (Paul Wesley) discovers a horrifying clue to the mystery surrounding Silas.

Check out the new and exclusive HD promotional photos



The Vampire Diaries returns tonight with 4×21 “She’s Come Undone”

We’ve seen the extended promo and the promotional photos and know we have all new sneak peeks!

Rebekah celebrates at the Grill for being free from her brothers, while actually grieving for loosing the cure…Our blue eyed boy Matt is there to make her feel better – he tells her that he is really sorry about the cure.

Stefan explains Caroline his and Damon’s extreme plan to help Elena.

And in the last one we see Damon getting into Elena’s head in attempt to show her everything she is missing while being a humanity free vampire bitch

We can’t wait for tonight! Especially knowing that maybe just maybe we will get a Klaroline kiss!

Klaroline fans have been waiting for a kiss between their favorite couple ever since the two of them first met! We already told you about an upcoming “confusing and dangerous encounter” but now we have a new tease from Joseph Morgan himself!

TV Guide gives us a scoop that Klaroline isn’t over yet – at least not this season! Asked about the surprising encounter JoMo teases: “It’s going to come in the guise of an olive branch, and then it’ll start as something that I think people have wanted for a long time — but we’ll see where it goes.”

OMG – is he talking about the most anticipated Klaroline KISS???


Their relationship is really twisted and the Klaroline fans are really loud! Even Joseph himself always gives us hope for the Klaus/Caroline relationship…but what is really coming next for these two?

TVLine posted a spoiler photo  for the upcoming episode of The Vampire Diaries showing a really “dangerous and confusing encounter” between the original hybrid and the barbie vampire. But what does it mean? Is Caroline confused about her feelings? Or maybe Klaus will finally confess his love to her after telling her he missed her while in New Orleans?

What do you think? Is the moment captured on the above photo passionate or dangerous???

We are still SO out of our minds because The Originals has officially been picked up by The CW and will air as an individual show this fall!

Our favorite leading man, Joseph Morgan had a quick chat with Digital Spy  about what the show’s about, what it means for Klaus and Caroline, and also what we can expect from the final few episodes of this season of The Vampire Diaries…

Is he excited about The Originals? – “Yeah, definitely – ever since I signed on and certainly since I read the script and we went up to New Orleans to film it and everything. But yeah, absolutely – there’s been loads of anticipation and even before it was ever a real thing there were all these fan made trailers about it, so I just hope now it lives up to people’s expectations. I’m excited for everyone to see all the work we put in!”

Now that The Originals is picked up, what will it actually be about? – “I think the overriding theme of our story lines within The Vampire Diaries has always been about family. We can do terrible things to our family members but woe betide the person from outside who comes in and tries to mess with us! And so I think that’s going to be a theme of the series – family. And then also the sort of power struggle. Vampire Diaries is kind of a coming of age story, and I think The Originals is definitely more sort of epic. It’s even in the backdoor pilot that you’ll see – it’s almost like a war is brewing. It’s on a grander scale – it’s less about prom and more about a war between the vampires and the witches. So it’s gooOn Rebekah/Klaus relationship - “It’s probably at its most fragile since he daggered her in the ’20s, I think! She’s absolutely done with him, and he is with her. Essentially they’ve reached a point where they just don’t want the same thing at all. Rebekah, I think, wants the cure – she wants to be human again, she wants to be loved, she’s looking for all of these feelings. And Klaus, he wants something entirely different. He embraces his true nature and he thinks the very things that she loves are the things that make her weak. I suppose that’s ironic, because he loves her and probably his vulnerability in terms of family is one of the things that make him weak. But yeah, they’re not in a good place right now. Elijah wants her to come to New Orleans with him so they can all be together and they can tackle this thing that’s going on down there as a family, and I don’t think Rebekah’s very keen on that idea.

What about the future of Klaroline? – “Well, this is interesting, isn’t it? I would say with the tremendous outpouring of support from the fans for The Originals, the one thing that’s been in question the whole time is what’s going to happen with Caroline now? Because two characters, each on different shows – you’re putting an ocean between them. But I’ll say this – I know that there’s no other love interest in the near future for Klaus. I know that he’s very much still enamoured with Caroline Forbes – he’s still very much interested in that. 



We know how serious Caroline is about planning events and making sure they turn out just fabulous! It is not a surprise that our vampire barbie has perfectly planned entire upcoming and much anticipated prom night! She even chose her perfect gown way back ago, but new bitchy Elena seems determined to ruin things for her ex best friend…She decides to wear Caroline’s beautiful pink dress which leaves Caroline clueless just hours before the big night.

And who does she turns to for help? Klaus, of course, who is always amused when she is in question. Rumors are saying he is the one who picks Caroline’s last minute white gown. Does that mean he will save the night?

The bigger question is will Caroline be thankful enough to share a dance with him? Is he even attending prom? We know Tyler will be making a short return and he’ll share a dance with Caroline and she’ll be also sharing a dance with Stefan. So, we really think Klaus deserves at least one dance!


Only 5 days left and the TVD hiatus is over!

The vampire Diaries returns this Thursday with 4×19 “Pictures of you” or the much anticipated Senior Prom episode!

In addition to our Ultimate Guide for the episode where you’ll find all the promos, spoilers and photos we have a new webclip to share!

Watch it here and enjoy a little prom dress fitting :) 


Seems like Bonnie is having dreams about Jeremy – is that Silas playing her or maybe Jeremy trying to contact her from the other side. Maybe as Caroline says – Bonnie is just upset because she didn’t have a proper goodbye with him.

As we already posted – The infamous pink dress we see Elena wearing at prom was Caroline’s first choice! How pissed will she be when she finds out she doesn’t have a prom dress couple of hours before the prom celebration? Don’t worry Caroline – we know someone who knows how to pick a dress for you – just ask him and you have a winner!

Are you excited about the next episode? 

There have been so many rumors and speculations about who will play evil witch/vampire hybrid SILAS in The Vampire Diaries. Everyone has been mum about the casting. Julie Plec revealed in recent interview that we will indeed see Silas real face – and believe it or not it is happening in the next TVD episode airing on April 18!

“Pictures of you” might be the most anticipated episode in Vampire Diaries History!

2After all it is Senior Prom in Mystic Falls and we already saw all those beautiful gowns. Spoilers are out that Elena will wear Caroline’s dress at prom and Caroline will ask for Klaus’ help in finding a last minute dress (How exciting is that???)  We have the return of Jeremy  and Tyler who is speculated to share a dance with Caroline on prom (or outside the prom). Damon and Stefan will try to seduce Elena in a plot to gain back her humanity.

MV5BMTEyMzE4NDE0MTZeQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU3MDU0MTg2Njg@._V1._SY314_CR129,0,214,314_And now – We will see Silas face!!! Ok, just a passing glimpse of Silas’ real face and he is supposedly played by an unknown actor from Atlanta named Scott Parks. Rumor has it that there was an open casting for the role and that we actually won’t see much of Silas real face throughout the show – he prefers to use someone else’s appearance.

So – are you excited to see real Silas? Do you think they should have cast a well known or at lest a very HOT actor to play Silas? Will it be interesting to see him using the appearance of our favorite Mystic Falls citizens or you would prefer seeing his real face?

Hit the comments…

source: TVLine

And as an addition – have a listen to the beautiful song we can hear in “The Pictures of You” promo called Get Started by Nick Nolan

The Vampire Diaries is finally returning next week with 4×19 “Pictures of you”  after 3 weeks hiatus. Excited? 

We sure are, that is why we are making a list of everything we know about this episode as well as all the photos and promos that are out. So keep calm, read this and be prepared for Thursday’s all new episode!

Lets start with the official synopsis:

TVD’S PROM NIGHT IN MYSTIIC FALLS After making a decision that exasperates Klaus, Elijah proposes a life-changing challenge for Rebekah. Caroline finds that her carefully laid plans for the perfect Senior Prom are disrupted by Elena, so she turns to an amused Klaus for a solution. When Elena suddenly lashes out in a way no one could have predicted, Matt turns to Rebekah for help. Finally, Bonnie makes a terrifying discovery, and Klaus receives a message that could change everything. 

Air Date: April 18,2013 / Written by: Caroline Dries & Neil Reynolds / Directed by: J.Miller Tobin


Our beloved characters are going to attend Senior Prom this episode! So far we learned that:

  • Tyler will appear in this episode after being absent for four episodes. This will be his final appearance this season (except if he happens to return for graduation_
  • Tyler and Caroline will share a dance in this episode.
  • There is a happy moment at Prom between a couple actually.
  • Elijah will appear in this episode, although he’ll not attend prom he’ll be making a visit to see his little sister Rebekah.
  • This is the first episode where Bonnie encounters Elena after she switched off her humanity.
  • “Elena’s busy hurting everyone in the episode, not just Damon. They all know it’s coming from a place of cruelty, not emotions.” – Teases Julie Plec
  • Stefan admits that the only way for Elena to be cured is if she wants to be cured.
  • Damon will be upset in this episode (we wonder why? Do you know anything Stelena fans?)
  • We will see if Silas still has control over Bonnie and what that does to her and he will appear in the form of someone unexpected.
  • Elijah will ask Klaus to forgive Katherine.
  • Matt will run to Rebekah for help!
  • Elena steals Caroline’s dress - Caroline reveals that Elena helped her pick out her original dress before Elena attempted to kill her.
  • It’s Rebekah’s first prom, also first dance so she is really dressed up for the occasion.


We also have the extended promo and mini clip  best quotes :

Damon : “She doesn’t want the cure. She’s just gonna start killing people if she knows we’re still trying to get it for her.

Stefan : “So why don’t we make her want it?


Elena : “I don’t need a baby sitter.

Stefan: “Really? Last time I saw you, you snapped a waitress’  spine.


Damon: “Don’t eat the prom queen.

Elena : “I feel nothing for you, Damon.


Bonnie : (to Damon) Elena’s gone.


Elena : “Pretty dress Caroline.

Caroline : “I know, you helped me pick it up months ago, before you tried to kill me.


All main cast is credited for this episode as well as recurring cast Daniel Gillies as Elijah and Claire Holt as Rebekah.

Last, but not least – ENJOY all the photos from “Pictures of you”





There have been speculations that Elena will wear Caroline’s dress at prom and now we have the proof that it is true! Watch this mini web clip (sorry for the low quality) to see it your self

The white dress Caroline appears to be wearing at the stills are (possibly) a gift from Klaus because in this episode, Caroline turns to him for help when Elena did something to her.

Do you think the pink dress that was Caroline’s first choice would have looked better on her or you prefer the white one?

Share your thoughts….


We have learned so far that in The Originals pilot episode Klaus returns to The Big Easy after 100 years after he learns that some witches are conspiring against him and Elijah follows him there too.

‘His interest in Klaus for 1,000 years has been how to dig deep past Klaus’ ego and paranoia, and all the things that have made Klaus such a vicious person over the years — he’s always searching for some form of redemption for his brother,” says executive producer Julie Plec.

111”What he sees in New Orleans, and what he finds out in the context of a place where they were once happy as a family, is an opportunity to rebuild that with Klaus and with Rebekah and put the broken bits of the Original family back together.”

Here we can see pictured the final scene of the pilot including the brothers.  ”It’s a beautiful, simple scene where they talk about their potential future in the town,” Morgan says. ”After all of the confrontations and all of the history, it’s really nice to have a simple scene just about two brothers.”

Klaus finds out that his former protege, diabolical Marcel, has created a community in New Orleans where vampires, for all intents and purposes, get to walk the streets freely, throw hedonistic parties undisturbed, and generally do whatever they want. 

1Have a look at their first encounter in a karaoke bar where ”It starts with them being very pleased to see each other, and then Klaus isn’t very happy about how well Marcel is doing,” Morgan says, laughing. ”There’s an element of envy that comes in. And also, Klaus doesn’t feel that he’s getting the level of respect that he deserves from Marcel.”

Marcel has created this guilt-free supernatural community ”Through force and some pretty nefarious acts,” Plec says. ”Somehow Marcel has managed to silence this deep and rich community of witches that have been there just as long as the vampires have.”As for the witches community we get to meet Sophie (Daniella Pineda, another would-be series regular). ”Sophie is somebody who comes from a long line of witches that have been in the French Quarter for hundreds of years, and she’s taken it upon herself to lead the charge against Marcel and against his oppression of the witch community. So she’s a bit of a warrior,” Plec says. ”She is at the center of the mystery that Klaus is trying to unravel, which his what do these witches want with me, and what does Marcel have on them that is keeping them in subjugation?”

2Sophie will give Elijah some important information  ”This is her laying down the law for me, basically, which is kind of amusing to Elijah because he feels like he could destroy her in the bat of an eye, ” Gillies says of the scene pictured in New Orleans’ Lafayette Cemetery No. 1. ”He’s sort of beneath this suspended sword of Damocles, and I can’t reveal what that is. But I can say that she does have both Klaus and Elijah trapped in a sense, and they’re negotiating in that photo.”

3There were photos, tweets and spoilers about shooting a scene for the pilot in Lafayette Cemetery no.1. Morgan, a big fan of  Interview with a vampire teases about the scene ”So, when you see Elijah and Klaus in it that cemetery,” Morgan teases, ”get ready to get excited.”

Gillies is a bit more forthcoming: ”I’m taking him to visit the witches,” he says. Adds Morgan, ”For once, Klaus is the one which things are happening to, as opposed to him being the cause of things. So it’s really interesting to put him at the center of the story like that. He’s still making assertive choices and changing the course of things, but he is certainly being driven through this. He’s in unfamiliar territory, other people are telling him what’s going on, and he’s following the clues and following what heart he has through the story.”


”The idea of chasing our tails in Mystic Falls isn’t necessarily the most appealing thing in the world to Elijah, but the opportunity of a new beginning, to sort of renew that ‘inheritance’ of the city, which, within the mythology of The Vampire Diaries we were founders of, is enormously appealing,” Gillies says. In this scene, shot in Pirates Alley, Elijah tries to sell Klaus on the idea: ”I’m essentially saying, ‘If we do the witches’ bidding in order to position ourselves strategically/politically among the

5vampires here, then we can have a whole new kingdom,”’ Gillies says. ”And he’s kinda telling me to f— myself.” This is the scene Plec was referring to when she tweeted, ”I was just brought to tears in take 1 of a super-wide master shot,” during shooting in mid-March. She got emotional because it was in Pirates Alley where she, writer-producer Michael Narducci, and her writer’s muse, Marguerite MacIntyre (TVD‘s Sheriff Forbes), sat in a bar and discussed the story and characters during a research trip last December. ”We were shooting in Pirates Alley that night, and it was one of the very first scenes that came to my mind between Elijah and Klaus when I first started thinking about what this pilot would be. It’s a really emotional fight between the brothers, and I was sitting around the corner watching the camera point right down past the bar where I’d dreamt up these ideas. Just listening to it, and being right there in that spot, where so many of these ideas had been birthed, it was very moving.”

6A new human character is introduced in the episod. Cami (Leah Pipes), a bright, independent psychology student who also tends bar at Rousseau’s, which would become a familiar haunt to viewers if a series is ordered. ”She refuses to believe in evil,” Plec says. ”She believes that every person has a story, and you just have to dig deep enough to try to get to the bottom of what their story is.” Though Cami doesn’t have much interaction with Klaus in the episode, Morgan says Klaus feels ”a little bit of understanding, like perhaps he could be related to” when he hears her interpretation of a dark painting they’re both drawn to in Jackson Square (pictured). Cami may be unaware that vampires exist, but they definitely notice her. ”Cami represents an allure to Marcel and ultimately, as a result of Marcel’s interest, will catch Klaus’s eye down the road,” Plec says. ”But in the meantime, Klaus is still very attached to Caroline Forbes and the idea of what it could be like if they were ever to be together. It’ll be a little bit of time before, if ever, he’s able to be distracted from that.”

Ok, first of all keep calm and enjoy all this new scoop we got on the last episodes of The Vampire Diaries’ season 4!


TV GUIDE had a talk with showrunner Julie Plec on the WonderCon’s Fan Favorite Showrunners panel, and she teased that viewers will see Silas’ real face, the cure will get ingested, and Klaus “might be around to wish Caroline a happy graduation” How exciting is that???

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Ever since the news of the potential “Vampire Diaries” spin off hit the net, Executive Producer and Showrunner Julie Plec has been talking a lot about “The Originals”. Lets sum up everything we found out about the upcoming pilot by summing up everything we heard from Plec:

On What Inspired the Idea: “It’s actually something that we’ve been talking about for two years, that we contemplated trying to get off its feet last year, but there was just too much work to do in too little time. So that gave us an opportunity this year to spend a lot more time putting it together — seeing if, obviously, our actors had any interest whatsoever continuing the life of these characters [Laughs] and if there was a story to tell. It all came together in a way that we finally felt would not detract from our most important baby right now, The Vampire Diaries, and would give us a chance to expand the universe with characters that we’ve had another year to get to know.”


On the pilot that will air April 25:The idea is that a turn of events in Mystic Falls sends Klaus to New Orleans to solve a mystery. He gets word that some people are making a move against him that might concern him. So he heads to New Orleans to try to figure who’s plotting against him and what they’re up to. And in unfolding that mystery, it takes him back to a town that several hundred years ago, he was actually one of the original settlers of and helped build. He reacquaints himself with a vampire that he actually turned back in the day, Marcel, who has created a whole set of rules and a whole society for the supernatural community that he’s in charge of — sort of tipping his hat to Klaus and saying, “You taught me everything I know.” So Klaus’ protegé is now the big king of the supernatural community in New Orleans and Klaus is stepping back into that. ”

On Marcel: “He is the life of the party. He is diabolical, and dangerous, and he is a rock star. If anything, he’s that kind of hard-partying, hard-living vampire who knows how to enjoy the most out of life in the French Quarter.”

On Heading Back To Bourbon Street: “When I talked about it to the network and the studio, I said, “In its own way, the French Quarter, with its less than 3,000 inhabitants, is the ultimate small town.” So it’s still a small-town story, it’s just a town that we all know pretty well. We all have our own party fantasy that we’ve either lived or wanted to live in New Orleans.”

On How Hayley’s Character Will Be Incorporated into the Show: “That is all part of the big mystery. I will say no one should assume anything about the way this is gonna play out, because with luck, it will be a nice surprise for everybody.”


On Daniel Gillies Joining The Cast: “Oh, in the world of Julie Plec [Laughs] and her obsession with Daniel Gillies, there is always a role for Elijah. It’s only a matter of whether in Daniel Gillies’ world there is an interest in having a job with Julie Plec. But I can hope the answer is yes.”

On Claire Holts Involvement: “Right now, she’s really mad at him, and their relationship has several more mountains to climb in the next, even, five episodes, much less a future series. I think she’s another character that would be a tremendous asset to both shows. So it really all comes down to Rebekah’s future, and Claire’s future with Rebekah, and all that stuff that remains undetermined.”

On being showrunner on both shows:I think. Truthfully, we haven’t talked about that other than that I would likely share that title with Caroline Dries on The Vampire Diaries and then be the showrunner on The Originals. The great thing about The Vampire Diaries is that Caroline has really come into her own over the three-plus years she’s been on the show and is a terrific leader, and an amazing writer, and knows the show inside and out. So I would still be there every step of the way, but she would be taking on a lot more responsibility than she already has. And Mike Narducci, who’s someone else who’s been very important on The Vampire Diaries, would come over to The Originals and take up the mantle there. So with luck, two brilliant people who’ve grown up in aVampire Diaries universe can continue to be brilliant as we split it over two shows.”

The first human is finally cast! Leah Pipes will play Camille – a college psychology student fascinated by the study of human behavior unaware of the supernatural universe that exists around her.

Camille is a bartender who is fascinated by the question of whether people can be born bad. After an unimaginably tragic event in her family, Cami became a psychology student in order to study human behavior, in the hopes of proving that people can’t just be “evil.” Her fixation on the subject might just help her bond with Klaus, though Cami is unaware that her corner of New Orleans is crawling with supernatural beings who toe the line between good and evil.


Leah started her carrier as a featured actress on the popular TV series Angel and since than starred in Lost at Home, Fingerprints, Sorority Raw etc.

Rumor has it that she will be a part of a new love triangle between her and both Mikaelson brothers.

Does that mean the end of Klaroline?

What do you think?