The Originals Come back to Mystic falls on 100th episode!

The Originals Come back to Mystic falls on 100th episode!

Klaus is coming to Mystic Falls! So is the Original Family!!!!! The Vampire Diaries 100th episode and this is full of spoilers so stop reading if you didn’t watch the last episode!!! We got the latest news about our favorite blood sucking family!

VampireTVline Got to talk to Steve Ausiello he gave the world a little insight to the future for The Vampire Diaries and Klaus will be returning! We all know that he was suppose to be  returning for the 100th episode of The Vampire Diaries “500 Years Of Solitude” but we found out that when he returns he won’t be alone! Ausiello said,”The Katherine-Elena dynamic is about to get a lot more complicated (if that’s even possible).”

TVGuide talked to Natalie Abrahams Spoiler alert!! she said, “Two of these things are true and one is a lie. In the next batch of episodes… 1) There will be a major breakup; 2) A fan-favorite character will say goodbye for good and 3) Someone will pull a body switcheroo.”

 Which one do you think is the lie?

Julie Plec gave some clues about some crossovers between The Originals and The Vampire Diaries. Rebekah (Claire Holt)  was in the premiere of The Vampire Diaries “I Still know what you did last summer” and then crossed over to The Originals in the second episode “House of the Rising Sun”.  Rebekah (Claire Holt) was first to transfer or crossover. Then Tyler( Michael Trevino) was the second and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) was the third. It makes perfect sense that Klaus would be in this episode because there is suppose to be a flashback to the past. Julie said that there would be connections still between Caroline and Klaus, Rebekah and Matt, and Elijah and Katherine!

Another Spoiler from Julie was “You have to ask yourself: Was it Katherine and Stefan that perhaps were fated and there’s another doppelganger yet to come? You never know. The key thing is that’s what the universe supposedly says. Is the universe real? Is the universe right? Or is it just one big prophecy and it got bastardized over the years? That’s going to be part of the fun of seeing how their relationships all move forward.”


How will this effect Elena, Damon, Katherine and Stefan? Will Stefan and Elena get back together now that Damon basically got dumped?

Katherine wants Stefan and he does love her, Stefan just loves Elena more. It hurts Katherine but, she would take Stefan half hearted or not she loves him and I think its one of the only people she truly loved, and the other person she loved was Elijah.

We know that Tyler will be there as well! So will Aunt Jenna!! I Miss her so much she was a great cast member and actress! Aunt Jenna Beau Alaric(Matt Davis)  I love him and Damon soooo amazing together!! Matt’s ( Zach Roerig) sister Vicki (Kayla Ewell), Anna (Malese Jow), Crazy Tessa/ Qetseyha ( Janina Gavankar),  Best of all The Original Family! Also a new Character Mia played by (Taylor Treadwell) Maybe she is the traveler Nadia finds! All the regular cast Elena (Nina Dobrev), Damon (Ian Somerhalder) , Stefan(Paul Wesley), Bonnie (Kat Graham), Jeremy(Steven McQueen), Dr. Wes(Rick Cosnett), Aaron( Shaun Sipos) and Caroline(Candice Accola).


All this is on IMDB confirming that the scene where everyone is in one shot will be amazing!!! By far going to be the best episode of The Vampire Diaries! The whole group of characters that we love and feel so attached to are going to blow our minds in this episode! What could get better The Originals and The Vampire Diaries Vamps all back in Mystic Falls and they are not killing each other for once!     

So my guess would be Elijah would join Klaus to say goodbyes to her, maybe Klaus knows the travelers spell because, he has been around so long that he knows so much! Like the Hunters and the Hunters Curse. The Special line of werewolves that Hayley is descended from. He is filled with knowledge. Maybe they will bring a witch to help Katherine. With Elijahs mothers Grimoire who knows what’s possible. Klaus might have a weak spot for the great Katherine Pierce and they both have the same understanding and are going threw the same thing. Katherine and Klaus spent their lives alone desperately trying to connect to someone but, always messing up. It is in their Nature but deep down after their first instinct self preservation.

What are Katherine’s terms if she becomes a full traveler? She wanted her body… and well there is Elena who looks just like her so does she want Elena’s body?I  think she does! I mean who doesn’t? This was from The Vampire Diaries when Katherine got into Stefan’s head and was bad!!!Hot bad but still! 

THE VAMPIRE DIARIESIf so now Nina won’t have to act as hard even though she does it with grace!!! So I’m thinking those are her terms. The universe is pulling them together and But the travelers want Katherine dead so will Nadia find a traveler that wants Katherine alive since her death was ordered?  

How did The Vampire Diaries get the title for this episode? If you are thinking of the world renowned book 100 years in solitude than your right! The book is about generations over time in a family but connecting it to TVD would be generations in Katherine’s life and from the promo you see her “friends/frenemies/family” there by her side on her death bed.  A dominant theme in One Hundred Years of Solitude is the inevitable and inescapable repetition of history. Could this mean that Katherine being the survivor that she is would finally meet her inevitable doom? The books  protagonists are controlled by their pasts and the complexity of time. Throughout the novel the characters are visited by ghosts. Is this what we are about to see in the show Katherine’s flashbacks of times in her life that she wish she made a different choice? The ghosts are symbols of the past and the haunting nature it has over the generations of repetition. I love the title of the 100th episode because it is the 100 years in solitude book and 100 episodes and they changed it for the show 500 years for Katherine so creative and witty!

Here’s the Extended Promo for “500 Years in Solitude”