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The Originals Spoilers – Klaus and Hayley will always be connected!

Our memories of the Klaus/Hayley hook up are still fresh (JoMo tattoos!)



The “hook up excuse” for the Klaroline shippers was that after this – Phoebe Tonkin’s casting on the spin-off makes a little more sense. But, as we exclusively learn from tvguide‘s Mega Buz - In the backdoor-pilot episode, we’ll discover why they’ll always be connected — and why Elijah is so damn happy about it.

Any clues? We know that in The Vampire Diaries’ books Caroline became pregnant by Tyler. There has been a lot of speculation that werewolf can still produce kids,were as vampire can not which can lead to Hayley being pregnant with Klaus’ baby?!?!?!

Ok, that is too much – maybe  she comes from the same bloodline as his father…so they share that connection.

What do you think – did Klaus&Hayley made a puppy or they are just distant relatives? And why is Elijah so happy???

source: tvguide.com

  • Georgina

    Noooo!! Hayley can’t have his baby! Thats too much drama! Keep it mellow! The bloodline thing though that sounds good. I cant imagine Klaus as a dad.. #NoToKlayley!! Or whatever their shipping name is….</3

  • Kate

    After The Originals I love Klayley, I hope they will get together. It’s nice to see something that is not Klaroline for once.