How Do They Kill the Huntress on Vampire Diaries?

Rayna requests a cookie, and when Bonnie tries to serve it to her, Rayna strikes Bonnie. Bonnie is rescued, though, when Enzo comes suddenly and murders Rayna by stabbing her in the neck with a knife.

You might also be thinking, Who kills the Huntress in Vampire Diaries?

Damon learns there was a “Hunter” when she keeps silent. Damon resolves to shoot Rayna after receiving a text from Bonnie about how her life is linked to the Eight Everlasting and that she only has two lives left.

How does Bonnie stop being the Huntress?

Bonnie’s link to the previous shaman’s body shattered when Damon killed it, releasing her from her huntress obligations and talents. Her magic, however, did not return, leaving her distraught about the loss of her abilities as well as the abduction of Enzo and Damon by the Armory’s monster, Sybil.

Does Rayna give Bonnie her life?

Rayna subsequently offers to donate her remaining life to Bonnie Bennett in order to rescue her, but just as the ceremony to transfer her life is about to be performed, she reveals that Bonnie will become like her and stabs herself, thereby dying for the last time.

Why did Enzo burn the Huntress?

Damon resolves to bury her so she may suffocate and end her final life, but when he learns that her life is bound to the sword and that all the vampires who have been marked will die along with her, he digs her up.

Does Bonnie fight the Huntress?

Bonnie is rescued and the curse is broken, rescuing Enzo at the same time. All of the scars vanish, indicating that the Huntress curse is no longer active. Bonnie did not die, hence there will be no Elena in Season of The Vampire Diaries.

What episode does Bonnie become a huntress?

A Dream’s Requiem

Who killed the heretics?

The Heretics were exiled into the world without a leader and were headed by Lillian Salvatore, a vampire and notorious ripper. Lily transformed the Heretics into vampires at some time in 1903, making them the world’s first witch-vampire coven.

How do they get Damon and Enzo back?

However, Enzo and Damon were abducted by the Armory’s beast at the conclusion of the seventh season, and they are presently murdering people together in order to help feed the creature and restore it back to its potential, original form. As Stefan and Bonnie struggle to rescue them, this pushes them closer together.


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The “when does rayna die in Vampire Diaries season 7” is a question that has been asked for a while. The answer to the question is that Rayna dies when Damon and Enzo have her cornered and are about to kill her.

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