How Do You Kill an Original in Vampire Diaries?

Initial vampires, unlike non-Original vampires, are unkillable and cannot be killed by anything on Earth save the White Oak Stake, a big enough source of magic, the circumstances necessary to undo the original spell, or the Upgraded Original vampire’s improved venom.

You might also be thinking, Does Damon kill an original?

Damon stabs Elijah in the heart with a spike. Damon staked Elijah in an attempt to stop Stefan from losing his head. Elijah awoke later and removed the stake from his own body.

Similarly, Do they kill The Originals in Vampire Diaries?

Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson were murdered off in the TV series The Originals, a spinoff of the famous program The Vampire Diaries, signaling the end of Klaus’ redemption quest. 17.10.2021

Can you rip out an Originals heart?

An Original vampire’s neck will be broken, knocking them out for many hours. Ripping out an Original’s heart is not seen on the show, but it was described by Rebekah when under the effect of the cursed stake, and it would make an original without a heart comatose until it grew back.

How do you kill an original hybrid?

They also believe that since TVD only mentions decapitation or heart extraction as the two methods to kill hybrids, that they are the only two options, and no hybrid has ever been killed by white oak, implying that white oak is ineffective.

Who is the youngest original?


In the meanwhile, Klaus and Rebekah kidnap Bonnie in order to compel her to perform a ritual that would break the Original vampires’ bond. Damon is then kidnapped and tortured. The Original vampires do not die when Stefan, Matt, and Caroline murder Finn because Bonnie’s curse has worked.

Can Hellfire kill an original?

Hellfire has never been used against an Original, but given that a Witch with sufficient power (100 Witches Powers or more) could kill one without the use of White Oak, and given that Hellfire has been used to destroy Immortal Sirens and is said to destroy everything in its path, it could theoretically destroy them. 04.02.2018

Who is the strongest vampire in the originals?

Gerard Marcel

Can originals live without a heart?

No. They are not going to die. It’s mentioned openly in the The Originals novels and implied in the program, however there are differing views on it. I’m certain that the lost heart will regrow, haha.

When did Originals turn?

The eleventh century

Can a hybrid bite kill an original?

Upgraded Original vampire bites are far more lethal than werewolf and hybrid bites in Behind the Black Horizon, capable of killing Original vampires.

Can a werewolf bite kill an original?

Bite of a Werewolf Original vampires, unlike normal vampires, are immune to werewolf bites. The same side effects will strike them (as they did Elijah in Season 1), but they will only last a few hours. 16.02.2015

Who are the 7 Mikaelsons?

Only Finn, Elijah, Klaus, Kol, and Rebekah of the seven Mikaelson children turned vampires: Finn, Elijah, Klaus, Kol, and Rebekah. The Mikaelson parents were inspired to transform their children into vampires after the unfortunate death of their youngest brother Henrik at the hands of a werewolf. 30.12.2018

Who turned Katherine into a vampire?

Rose- Marie’s

Why did they cancel The Originals?

It’s a shame that none of the show’s three distributors have renewed it for a second season. Some believe The Originals was canceled because to poor viewership and critical reception. Following all, it was revealed on July 20, 2017 that the show will not be renewed after season


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In Vampire Diaries, there are two original vampires. The first one is Stefan Salvatore and the second one is Damon Salvatore. They are the only two original vampires in the series. There are also a lot of hybrids that were made after they turned into originals. Reference: how many original vampires are there.

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