How Does Bonnie Die in Vampire Diaries?

You might also be thinking, Who kills Bonnie in Vampire Diaries?

Bonnie earned a happy ending of sorts during The Vampire Diaries season 8 when she was finally allowed to leave Mystic Falls and achieve her ambition of seeing the globe, despite Stefan Salvatore killing Bonnie’s true love Enzo St. John, Bonnie’s single selfish deed during the whole series. 19.09.2021

Similarly, Does Bonnie die in Season 8?

In the end, Kelly confesses that Katherine’s plan was to use the home fire to distract them while the now-resurrected Vicki Donovan comes to Mystic Falls and starts ringing the Maxwell bell to bring hellfire to the town. Bonnie collapses on the ground as the bell rings, her nose gushing and possibly dead.

What happens to Bonnie in Vampire Diaries at the end?

Bonnie finally succeeds in waking Elena up from her magical sleep, saving their lives. She determined to live her life to the fullest in order to honor her promise to Enzo, and she wanted to explore the world and enjoy it. Bonnie is a member of the Bennett Family and the only surviving witch.

Does Bonnie become a vampire?

In The Vampire Diaries, Damon was very cruel to Bonnie. After all, it was he who murdered her mother and turned her into a vampire 31.07.2020

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Why did Bonnie lose her magic?

Bonnie’s link to the previous shaman’s body shattered when Damon killed it, releasing her from her huntress obligations and talents. Her magic, however, did not return, leaving her distraught about the loss of her abilities as well as the abduction of Enzo and Damon by the Armory’s monster, Sybil.

Does Bonnie die in season 6?

Elena obtains the Vampirism Cure and reverts to human form. She also regains her memories of Damon, which makes the following events all the more tragic: Elena’s life is magically linked to Bonnie’s, which means Elena is made unconscious since Bonnie is now alive. Until Bonnie passes away, that is. 08.10.2015

Does Bonnie die when Elena comes back?

***SPOILER ALERT*** By the end, she was in bad condition, completely unconscious with a nosebleed. Now, a new trailer for the series finale shows that we were correct to be worried: Bonnie did, in fact, die for a split second, allowing Elena to escape from her coffin for a little moment. 08.03.2017

How does Bonnie wake up Elena?

Bonnie was eventually able to manage her witch abilities in the finale, rescuing Mystic Falls and breaking the spell that had been keeping Elena unconscious without having to die.

Does Alaric marry Caroline?

Close Friendships, They are the twins’ parents, Lizzie and Josie are twin sisters; allies, they all love and care about each other, Alaric and Caroline educated them about their siphoning lineage, they all work at/take lessons in the same place.

Who ends up together in Vampire Diaries?

Instead, Damon and Elena were reunited in The Vampire Diaries series finale, and Stefan died to save everyone. The Vampire Diaries’ original conclusion hasn’t been kept a secret for long. Since season, Plec announced in 2017 that they have a strong finish prepared.

How does Bonnie survive the pills?

Since Bonnie’s life was running out, they only had two choices to keep her from succumbing to the Armory’s anti-magic pills: either kill every vampire on Rayna’s hit-list, so she could give her last life to Bonnie instead; or give in to the Armory’s demands and unlock the vault, in order to 02.05.2016

Who ends up together at the end of Vampire Diaries?

The Vampire Diaries wrapped off its eight-season run on Friday with a spectacular conclusion that will have you grieving and grinning at the same time. Elena and Damon married and had a happy life together. Bonnie was able to survive. Stefan made the ultimate sacrifice, but he was eventually redeemed (and Lexi). 10.03.2017

Does Bonnie kiss Damon?

Damon, Bonnie, and Elijah go for the sacrifice, where Klaus intended to murder a vampire (Jenna), a werewolf (Jules), and the Petrova doppelgänger (Elena). Bonnie kissed Jeremy and performed a spell to make him pass out, so he couldn’t join them.

How did Stefan save Bonnie?

When Bonnie was possessed by Emily Bennett’s soul and foiled Damon’s attempt to unleash the tomb vampires, he bit Bonnie and almost killed her, but Stefan swiftly healed her with some of his blood. Elena reveals to Bonnie who Stefan truly is that night.

Would Elena wake up if Bonnie becomes a vampire?

Bonnie becoming a vampire would be one way to remedy the entiresleeping beautysituation. Elena would wake up since she would technically die before she changed. 15.08.2016

Who is the strongest witch in Vampire Diaries?

Bonnie Bennett is number one on the list. Despite her struggles with her magic, she remains one of the most powerful creatures in the Vampire Diaries world, not merely one of the most powerful witches. 30.05.2021

What happens when Bonnie screams?

And here is where everything takes place. Stefan pulls out Enzo’s heart just as Bonnie finishes collecting the cure from Elena’s blood. Just as he’s about to murder Bonnie, she injects him with the cure! Bonnie’s scream is so intense that it unleashes psychic energy in the last seconds of the episode. 03.02.2017

Does Bonnie die in Season 5?

Bonnie died for the first time in Season 4 when she resurrected Jeremy. In season 5, she returned to the living world, but only after becoming the anchor to the Other Side. Her second death occurred later that season, when the Other Side broke, when she and Damon got locked in a 1990s-era prison reality. 10.09.2019

How does Bonnie leave 1994?

With the Ascendant, Bonnie’s blood, and the magic from the knife in his control, Kai was able to abandon Bonnie in his yard and flee the Prison World, leaving Bonnie dying and without magic in Portland.

Does Bonnie ever return?

What a slog it has been! Bonnie died for the first time in Season 4 when she resurrected Jeremy. In season 5, she returned to the living world, but only after becoming the anchor to the Other Side. 10.09.2019

Is Elena in Season 7 at all?

Nina Dobrev was barely 20 years old when she first joined the program as Elena Gilbert, but six seasons later, she shocked fans by declining to return for Season

Why did Damon save Bonnie and not Elena?

Damon admits to Bonnie that she was the one who kept him alive when the two of them were trapped in 1994, and she was the one who gave him hope, saying that this is why he wants to help Bonnie, not just to make her fall in love with him again.


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Bonnie is the protagonist of the series. Bonnie dies when she is bitten by a vampire, and comes back as a vampire herself. Reference: how does bonnie come back.

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