How Does Jenna Come Back in Vampire Diaries?

You might also be thinking, Does Jenna come back to life in vampire Diaries?

But how will they bring the long-dead resident of Mystic Falls back to life? Jenna will be resurrected through a series of flashbacks that examine Elena’s life before her parents’ untimely deaths, as first reported by our friends at Zap2it. Jenna will not be resurrected through the CW saga’s signature witchery or otherworldly means, but rather through a series of flashbacks that examine Elena’s life before her parents’ untimely deaths. 27.03.2012

Similarly, What episode does Jenna come back to life?

Aunt Jenna will make a surprise comeback to The Vampire Diaries in the Season 3 finale (airing May 10) to commemorate her one-year deathiversary. Sara Canning will reprise the fan favorite role. 27.03.2012

But then this question also arises, Does Jenna come back in season 6?

Aunt Jenna (Sara Canning) is returning, which is great news for fans. Unfortunately, she isn’t returning to the show in the current day through a witchy spell or a new vampire law that we haven’t learned in the last two and a half seasons. 08.06.2014

Does Jeremy come back?

At Graduation, Bonnie brought Jeremy back to life, and he resided with his sister, Damon, and Stefan in the Salvatore Boarding House until Rescue Me, when he moved in with his closest friends, Matt and Tyler, in the Lockwood Mansion.

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Why did Sara Canning leave The Vampire Diaries?

Plec made the decision to put a stop to it. Sara Canning is a writer. Jenna Canning spoke with TV Line about her character’s death and her experience on set in the last days. She added that she got just three weeks’ notice for her departure since the show’s plans change often. 27.01.2021

What happens to Elena’s aunt?

Sadly, Jenna only made it through Mystic Falls’ witches, werewolves, and vampires until the Season 2 episode “The Sun Also Rises.” Klaus (Joseph Morgan) murdered her as part of his ritual to undo the werewolf/vampire hybrid curse. He also converted her into a vampire in the process. 22.10.2020

Who does Alaric marry?

Alaric had already been married to Isobel before their divorce, therefore this was his second engagement. In I’ll Wed You in the Golden Summertime, Alaric and Jo were planning to marry, but Kai murdered her before they could be married.

Who does Alaric end up with?


Does Alaric come back to life?

Alaric was revived even after he was dead after losing his ring. In fact, Damon has died so many times in The Vampire Diaries that it’s amazing he hasn’t died yet in Legacies. 12.11.2021

Is Silas Stefan’s doppelganger?

The Salvatore and Petrova doppelgängers are the only two doppelgänger “lines” that have rippled across history. Silas’ doppelgängers are Stefan Salvatore and Tom Avery, while Amara’s are Tatia, Katerina Petrova, and Elena Gilbert.

Does Katherine become human?

Elena forces her to get the Cure, which turned her human, in the Season 4 finale Graduation (later found out that her Father was a Traveler, which means she was a witch). She starts to age swiftly after being force-fed to Silas in Season 5, Episode 5 Monster’s Ball.

Why did Aunt Jenna leave TVD?

Plec tells TV Guide that “the loss of life in the sacrifice ritual needed to be as deeply personal as possible in order to show how big of a move Klaus is making and how profound an impact it would have on not only Elena’s life, but on everyone,” adding that the staff didn’t decide to kill off Jenna until May 11, 2011.

Is Jeremy a legacy?

Jeremy is the first member of his family to appear on Legacies, although owing to a nostalgic montage in a final-season episode of The Originals, we know Elena Gilbert Salvatore (played by Nina Dobrev) has a medical practice in town. 31.10.2018

Why didnt Jenna come back on Vampire Diaries?

What happened to Jenna? Jenna died as a vampire in the ceremony to break Klaus’s curse. And as a vampire, she would’ve been sent to the other side after she died, but we’ve never seen Jenna in the numerous times we’ve visited the other side. Neither Jeremy nor Bonnie have ever contacted her. 08.08.2014

Does Jeremy become a vampire?

He was transformed into a vampire hunter and joined The Five. After assisting Shane in freeing Silas, Katherine Pierce compelled him to raise the immortal, who then drained his blood and severed his neck.

Does Klaus become a hybrid?

Everyone was kept in the dark about her affair, as well as Klaus’ werewolf ancestry. Klaus, however, activated his werewolf gene, turning him into the world’s first hybrid, when he killed his first human after being transformed into an Original vampire.

Does Bonnie become a vampire?

In The Vampire Diaries, Damon was very cruel to Bonnie. After all, it was he who murdered her mother and turned her into a vampire 31.07.2020

Who does Tyler end up with?

Tyler ended himself in the Other Side, but he was able to resurrect due to Bonnie and Damon’s efforts, and he realized that he was no longer a hybrid. Tyler battles to remain human in season six, as he begins a connection with the witch Liv Parker.


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Jenna died in the episode “The Turning Point” in season 2. She is brought back by Damon to be with Stefan, but she ends up dying again. Reference: what episode does jenna die in vampire diaries.

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