How Does Jenna Die in the Vampire Diaries?

Does Jenna become a vampire?

Jenna Sommers was Miranda’s younger sister and Elena and Jeremy Gilbert’s aunt. After her sister and Grayson died, she became their guardian and struggled with it. Klaus eventually transformed her into a vampire and used her in the ritual to reclaim his hybrid status.

Does Alaric die?

After Elena drowns, Alaric dies in Damon’s arms, but comes to Jeremy as a ghost to say goodbye.

Does Jenna die in the sacrifice?

Klaus murdered Jenna by stabbing her in the heart during the sacrifice in order to break his curse and ultimately unleash his imprisoned werewolf element, allowing him to become a full hybrid. 28.04.2010

Who does Alaric marry?

Alaric had already been married to Isobel before their divorce, therefore this was his second engagement. In I’ll Wed You in the Golden Summertime, Alaric and Jo were planning to marry, but Kai murdered her before they could be married.

What episode does Jenna come back?

Aunt Jenna will make a surprise comeback to The Vampire Diaries in the Season 3 finale (airing May 10) to commemorate her one-year deathiversary. Sara Canning will reprise the fan favorite role. 27.03.2012

Why did Sara Canning leave The Vampire Diaries?

Plec made the decision to put a stop to it. Sara Canning is a writer. Jenna Canning spoke with TV Line about her character’s death and her experience on set in the last days. She added that she got just three weeks’ notice for her departure since the show’s plans change often. 27.01.2021

Does Jeremy come back?

At Graduation, Bonnie brought Jeremy back to life, and he resided with his sister, Damon, and Stefan in the Salvatore Boarding House until Rescue Me, when he moved in with his closest friends, Matt and Tyler, in the Lockwood Mansion.

Who does Tyler end up with?

Tyler ended himself in the Other Side, but he was able to resurrect due to Bonnie and Damon’s efforts, and he realized that he was no longer a hybrid. Tyler battles to remain human in season six, as he begins a connection with the witch Liv Parker.

Who kills Jules in TVD?


Who killed Alaric in season 3 Episode 13?


Does Bonnie die in season 4?

Bonnie died for the first time in Season 4 when she resurrected Jeremy. In season 5, she returned to the living world, but only after becoming the anchor to the Other Side. Her second death occurred later that season, when the Other Side broke, when she and Damon got locked in a 1990s-era prison reality. 10.09.2019

Does Bonnie die in season 6?

Elena obtains the Vampirism Cure and reverts to human form. She also regains her memories of Damon, which makes the following events all the more tragic: Elena’s life is magically linked to Bonnie’s, which means Elena is made unconscious since Bonnie is now alive. Until Bonnie passes away, that is. 08.10.2015

How does Katherine die?

Katherine’s return for Season 5 would be her last appearance (at least until season 8). In The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 15, “Gone Girl,” Stefan murdered Katherine by stabbing her with the traveler knife. 21.08.2021

Does Bonnie die in Season 8?

In the end, Kelly confesses that Katherine’s plan was to use the home fire to distract them while the now-resurrected Vicki Donovan comes to Mystic Falls and starts ringing the Maxwell bell to bring hellfire to the town. Bonnie collapses on the ground as the bell rings, her nose gushing and possibly dead.

Who does Rebekah end up with?

Despite the fact that Rebekah Mikaelson (Claire Holt) had her happy ending with Marcel Gerard, the mechanics of how she was able to accept ‘the cure’ and live a human life with Marcel were a bit perplexing. 06.08.2018


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