How Old Is Pearl From Vampire Diaries?

Katherine Pierce has a vampire buddy named Pearl. She was almost 570 years old at the time of her death. (Pearl’s exact birthdate is unclear, although evidence in the program about when she was transformed, as well as her look in her mid-30s, suggest she was born about 1440-1480.)

Similarly, Is Anna Pearl’s daughter?

Origins. Pearl and her daughter Anna worked at the Mystic Falls pharmacy in Stefan’s Diaries: Origins. Stefan remarked that they might pass for sisters since young girls frequently speculated about Pearl’s genuine age.

Also, it is asked, Who is Pearl Zhu in vampire Diaries?

Kelly Hu as Pearl Zhu in The Vampire Diaries (TV Series 2009–2017) – IMDb.

Secondly, Is Annabelle pearls real daughter?

Anna was a vampire and Pearl Zhu’s daughter. She returned to Mystic Falls as early as the Night of the Comet Festival, seeing Damon blow every chance he had to uncover the tomb where her mother was entombed. She enlisted the aid of Ben McKittrick and Logan Fell in order to carry out her goal of discovering how to unlock the tomb.

Also, Who kills Pearl?

On Ma., Khalid Sheikh Mohammed admitted responsibility for the murder of Daniel Pearl in front of his Combatant Status Review Tribunal at Guantanamo Bay. He is an accused Al Qaeda operative who is said to be third in command to Osama bin Laden, the architect of the 2001 terrorist attacks. He claimed to be the one who decapitated Pearl.

People also ask, Does Pearl get out of the tomb?

While in the tomb, Pearl Her daughter Anna liberated her from the grave in November 2009, after 146 years of painful imprisonment without blood. Stefan Salvatore, Damon Salvatore (who was really seeking for Katherine), Sheila Bennett, and Bonnie Bennett, Katherine’s granddaughter, all played roles.

Related Questions and Answers

How old is Katherine Pierce in vampire years?

Katherine Pierce (no. 3) Katherine Pierce was born on June 5, 1473, in Bulgaria as Katerina Petrova. She turned into a vampire in April 1492, when she was 18 years old, much like Elena.

Who stabbed Pearl in TVD?

Katherine Pierce had an old acquaintance, Pearl Zhu, who was a vampire. Anna and Harper, her daughter, were transformed before she died. Until 2010, she was confined in the tomb with the other tomb vampires. John Gilbert murdered her.

Does Isobel come back in vampire Diaries?

She informs Katherine that she tracked down one of Klaus’ witches and struck a bargain with him for Katherine’s release in exchange for the moonstone and the Petrova doppelgänger. She explained to Katherine that she returned because she was envious of Alaric’s relationship with Jenna. Isobel kills herself.

What Pearl gives Damon?

Jonathan Gilbert created the Gilbert gadget, which Pearl gifts to Damon. She then meets with John Gilbert, who is interested in purchasing the gadget. She informs him she gave it to Damon when he attempts to manipulate her, which obviously disturbs him. 4 July 2012

How old is Damon Salvatore?

Damon Salvatore is one of The Vampire Diaries’ two primary male heroes. Damon, a 178-year-old vampire and a distant descendent of Silas, was a distant descendant of Silas. He is now human when his younger brother, Stefan Salvatore, injected him with the Cure.

Who turned Logan fall?

Jenna left Mystic Falls as a result of this, but she returned when her sister-in-law and brother-in-law died and she was designated guardian of her orphaned niece and nephew. Logan was subsequently transformed into a vampire by Anna, who forced him to drink her blood, but Damon Salvatore murdered him when Logan tried to kill.

Is Anna a vampire?

Anna was a vampire and Pearl Zhu’s daughter. She returned to Mystic Falls on the night of the comet festival, watching Damon blow every chance he had to uncover the tomb where her mother was entombed. She enlisted the aid of Ben McKittrick and Logan Fell in order to carry out her goal of discovering how to unlock the tomb.

How can Anna and Pearl walk in daylight?

As a result of their vampirism, both Original Vampires and non-Original vampires cannot walk in daylight without being burnt by the Sun. They may, however, get protection from the sun by wearing lapis lazuli stones charmed by a witch, allowing them to stroll in the sunshine without harm.

Does Jeremy become a vampire?

He was transformed into a vampire hunter and joined The Five. After assisting Shane in freeing Silas, Katherine Pierce compelled him to raise the immortal, who then drained his blood and severed his neck.

Is Katherine in the tomb?

The issue is that Katherine never entered the grave. Damon subsequently discovered that Katherine had persuaded a church guard who was enamored with her that if he let her go, she would turn on him. Katherine had known where Damon might be found all along; she just didn’t care. 9 September 2010

Why was Katherine not in the tomb vampire Diaries?

Katherine was eventually rescued from the tomb when Elijah was slain, but she had to disclose she deceived Damon into murdering Elijah in order to break his compulsion against her and escape the tomb.

Did Katherine love Damon?

Katherine never loved Damon, according to The Return, and she always has and always will adore Stefan.

How old is Klaus in vampire age?

Klaus is around 3-4 years younger than Elijah, and according to a s2 flashback on TVD, he was likely born in March (although that may be disregarded), putting him at the age of 20 at the most, because Elijah would have just turned 24. Kol is probably 2 years younger than Rebekah, thus he is at most 18 years old.

What was Pearl in blade?

Blade. Pearl was the archivist of the House of Erebus and a very fat vampire. He aided Deacon Frost in surreptitiously transcribing the Lost Pages of Erebus, a prophesy about the return of La Magra, the vampire Blood God. Frost and his familiars looked after him when he was alone in the archives.

Who are Alaric’s kids?

Alaric’s twins, Josie and Lizzie Saltzman, were born to Caroline. She eventually grew to love them as if they were her own children.

Isobel and Katherine are blood relatives, although only distantly. Elena Gilbert, Katherine’s doppelgänger, birthed Isobel. Damon Salvatore was slept with and dated by both Isobel and Katherine. Damon was likewise sired by Katherine as a vampire, while Isobel was sired by Damon decades later.

Who is Elena Gilberts mom?

Elena Gilbert is the daughter of John Gilbert (David Anders) and Isobel Flemming (Mia Kirshner), who met in high school in Mystic Falls, Virginia. Isobel and John left town days later with the aid of John’s brother Grayson, allowing Grayson and his wife Miranda to adopt Elena as their own.

Is Tyler in vampire Diaries a werewolf?

Tyler Lockwood played football for Mystic Falls High School and was a previous major character, protagonist, current werewolf, and former hybrid on The Vampire Diaries.


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Pearl is the name of a character from the tv series “Vampire Diaries”. Pearl is an infant vampire that was created by Klaus and she has been around for about 300 years. Reference: annabelle vampire diaries.

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