Vampire Diaries How to Cure a Werewolf Bite?

The blood of the Original hybrid, Niklaus Mikaelson, and his daughter, Hope, is one of the cures for werewolf poison. Both of these remedies may be used to treat a werewolf bite. When Klaus dies in When The Saints Go Marching In, however, just Hope’s blood remains.

Similarly, What cures Damon’s wolf bite?


Also, it is asked, How can Klaus heal werewolf bites?

Klaus has never had the abilities of three species at the same time. Alaric said that the blood of the tribrid is a cure since Klaus is no longer alive and his blood is no longer accessible as a treatment for werewolf bites. This implies that the only treatment for a werewolf bite (apart from the ability to siphon blood) is Hope blood.

Secondly, How did Kai cure werewolf bite?

She says she’ll simply wait for him to die from the bite, but Kai learns that werewolf venom has/is magic, so he siphons the magic out of it and he’s instantly cured, and he tosses Bonnie into a wall.

Also, Can Tyler blood cure a werewolf bite?

Cures. The blood of the Original hybrid, Niklaus Mikaelson, and his daughter, Hope, is one of the cures for werewolf poison. Both of these remedies may be used to treat a werewolf bite.

People also ask, Why did Rose’s werewolf bite heal?

Rose gave Katerina her vampire blood to cure her because she didn’t want to face Klaus’ wrath if he found out she died under her watch, not realizing it was a ruse by Katerina to get Rose to give her what she needed to live.

Related Questions and Answers

How did Elijah survive Klaus bite?

His bite, like that of a werewolf, is lethal to vampires, although it cannot be treated with Klaus’ blood. Elijah cut out his heart and yet lived, making him the most immortal figure on The Originals.

Can originals survive a werewolf bite?

Original vampires, unlike normal vampires, are immune to werewolf bites. The same side effects will strike them (as they did Elijah in Season 1), but they will only last a few hours.

How does Damon heal from the werewolf venom?

Damon Salvatore is a character in the film Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) Damon was almost killed by a werewolf bite at the conclusion of last season, but Stefan persuaded Klaus to give him some of his wolf-bite-curing blood.

Does Klaus need to drink blood?

Klaus, the Original hybrid, needed human doppelgänger blood in order to transform other triggered werewolves into hybrids. These hybrids required to feed on human doppelgänger blood instead of conventional human blood after waking during the transition stage, like vampires do.

Can hope cure werewolf bites?

Hope may be both a Vampire and a Werewolf at the same time, thus if she murders someone and then dies, activating both her Werewolf and Vampire parts, she will be able to heal the werwolf bite like her father (according to the lore’s perplexing logic:/).

Are vampires or werewolves stronger?

Vampires are known for their strength and speed, but werewolves are even quicker and stronger, and they have the benefit of hunting in packs, so they seldom hunt alone.

Is Elijah stronger than Klaus?

Elijah is the most powerful, despite the fact that his brother Klaus is theoretically stronger – Klaus is half vampire, half werewolf. Other noteworthy characteristics are his calm demeanor. He speaks with such grace (and pronounces Elena “E-lena”). He’s so strong that we’re afraid of him, even if we haven’t seen his teeth yet.

How does Damon become human?

Damon Salvatore is one of The Vampire Diaries’ two primary male heroes. Damon, a 178-year-old vampire and a distant descendent of Silas, was a distant descendant of Silas. He is now human when his younger brother, Stefan Salvatore, injected him with the Cure.

Who kills Klaus?


Can Marcels bite be cured?

Marcel and Luciens Venom, produced from each of the seven original Werewolf packs, has already been proven harmful to Klaus and his Vampire-Werewolf Hybrid kids. He is not immune since his blood cannot cure their bite.

Does a werewolf bite hurt?

The death of a vampire from a werewolf bite is long and agonizing, which is why many of those who are bitten are “mercy-killed” before they reach that stage.

Does Klaus need a daylight ring?

Although sunlight does not kill them, it does burn their skin, thus each Original (except Klaus, who is now a hybrid) wears a daylight ring that Esther created when she converted her children into vampires.

Can Klaus get a human pregnant?

The literal explanation is that Klaus was born a werewolf in order to reproduce. Every hybrid on the earth is a werewolf by birth. The CANON ANSWER is that he set off the curse so that he could reproduce.

Does Damon get cured?

At the conclusion of the season, Damon gets bitten by Tyler the werewolf. Elena looks after him and offers him a “last” kiss just before he is healed by the blood of Klaus, the original hybrid, since she knows he is about to die.

Is Damon cured in season 4?

Elena Gilbert is a writer who lives in the United Elena chose the Cure despite their uncertainty about their future, restoring her memories of Damon. Damon was able to take the Cure and become human with Elena until the conclusion of the series, thanks to Kai Parker’s interference.

Did Kai and Damon kiss?

Promise me this is forever,” Kai says as Damon touches his face and says, “I promise.” THEY THEN KISSED.

Who wins Luke or Kai?


How is hope a Tribrid?

She is the only tribrid in the series, since she is the daughter of Niklaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall-Kenner. Hope Mikaelson is the only character in the series that has a lineage from each of the three bloodlines: werewolf, witch, and vampire. Niklaus Mikaelson, her father, was the first vampire-werewolf hybrid.

Why can’t vampires have garlic?

Garlic, and particularly the chemical molecule allicin found inside it, is a potent antibiotic. Vampires, according to certain European beliefs, are caused by a blood sickness, hence a strong antibiotic would “kill” a vampire.

What would happen if an original drank the serum?

Because of his Werewolf background, Nicklaus Mikhaelson will not be harmed by the bite of an Upgraded Original. His siblings, on the other hand, cannot say the same since they are not Werewolves like their brother.


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If a vampire bites a werewolf, the victim will be turned into a vampire. The bite is not fatal and it can be cured with garlic or holy water. Reference: what happens if a werewolf bites a vampire.

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