Vampire Diaries Where It Was Filmed?

Similarly, Where is the Salvatore mansion located?

The actual “Salvatore Boarding House” was located in the Atlanta region and at Covington Glenridge Hall in Sandy Springs; however, since the site was utilized so often, the inside of the mansion was reproduced on the show’s sound stages in Decatur.

Also, it is asked, Was The Vampire Diaries filmed in the real house?

For the first season, the program was recorded at Glenridge Hall in Sandy Springs. Damon and Stefan Salvatore’s house was then built using a duplicate of the mansion’s facade and interior. That set was utilized for the remainder of the series, as well as certain episodes of The Originals, and it is currently the primary set for Legacies.

Secondly, Where is the Gilbert lake house located in real life?

The five-bedroom, four-bathroom home — constructed in 1921 and encompassing 5,901 square feet — is located at 2104 Floyd Street NE in Covington, Ga.

Also, Where is the waterfall in Vampire Diaries?

She meets and falls in love with Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) and his brother Damon (Ian Somerhalder), both vampires, in the fictitious town of Mystic Falls, Virginia. Since the first season, Covington, Georgia, has been the show’s principal shooting site.

People also ask, Can you visit Mystic Falls for free?

For starters, since Mystic Falls is a real town, you can stroll around for free! There are several ways to enjoy your vacation to Covington, Georgia. However, seeing the production places of the program The Vampire Diaries is one of the most popular ways to experience this town.

Related Questions and Answers

Can you tour the Salvatore house?

Book an Extended Tour to see even more sights and enjoy even more fun! This tour concentrates on spots that aren’t included in our other excursions’ broad filming regions. We visit Jo and Alaric’s wedding site, Bonnie and Enzo’s refuge, and the 1800 Salvatore estate from The Vampire Diaries!

Where is the Mystic Falls cemetery?

Covington is a city in Georgia.

Was Vampire Diaries filmed in Los Angeles?

The Mystic Grill from The Vampire Diaries You can really visit The Mystic Grill, which is located in Covington, Georgia – fictionally Mystic Falls, VA – where a much of the show’s action took place.

Where was The Vampire Diaries filmed in Vancouver?

According to IMDb, the pilot for The Vampir Diaries was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In the first episode, the Salvatore Boarding House was located at Foxglove Farm, 6471 224 Street, Langley. Following that, the shooting of The Vampire Diaries was rescheduled.

Where is the real wickery bridge?

The Vampire Diaries is a television series about vampires. The location of Wickery Bridge, which was utilized as the tragic death site of Elena’s adoptive parents, Grayson and Miranda Gilbert, is the most famous part from the program shot in DeKalb. The bridge in question is situated at 5090 Klondike Rd. in Lithonia, Georgia.

How much does it cost to go to Mystic Falls?

Important Points to Remember Price: $55.00 per person, each night 3 hours# Sessions1Rating7 favorable reviewsDuration / Session3 hours# Sessions1Rating

Where does Ian Somerhalder live?

Louisiana ParisLondon New YorkMilan

Where is Elena Gilbert’s house located?

Covington is a city in Georgia.

When did TVD end?

Date of the last episode of Ma.The Vampire Diaries

How much does it cost for The Vampire Diaries tour?

$55.00 for each person

Can I stay in Mystic Falls?

Covington, sometimes known as Mystic Falls, is a small town in the state of Kentucky. Apart from the apparent epic level of awesomeness of staying where The Vampire Diaries was shot, this is the ideal location for anybody seeking luxury in Covington. It’s also a great spot for the fan.

Who owns Salvatore boarding house?

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series, in the epilogue of I Was Feeling Epic, it is revealed that Damon has given the Salvatore Boarding House to Alaric and Caroline. The two decide to transform the boarding house into a school for magical creatures.

Why did Elena leave Vampire Diaries?

Elena made the decision to let Bonnie live out her days, and she would awaken after Bonnie had passed away. Elena was not seen again until the series end, when she said her goodbyes. Nina Dobrev reprised her roles as Elena and Katherine Pierce in The Vampire Diaries’ series finale.

What age is The Vampire Diaries?

Ages 15 and above are recommended.

How old is Klaus?

Klaus is around 3-4 years younger than Elijah, and according to a s2 flashback on TVD, he was likely born in March (although that may be disregarded), putting him at the age of 20 at the most, because Elijah would have just turned 24. Kol is around 2 years younger than Rebekah, thus he is at most 18 years old.

Where was Stefan Salvatore buried?

The Vampire Diaries Wiki | Fandom | Mystic Falls Cemetery

What school do they use on Vampire Diaries?

The CW series Vampire Diaries was shot for the most of its run in Covington, Georgia, and its surrounding locations, as any good Vampire Diaries fan knows. The village of Mystic Falls, which is the real-life setting for TVD’s Mystic Falls, has a neighboring campus named Oxford College of Emory University.

Where did Caroline Forbes live?

2118 Floyd Street, NE, Covington, Georgia, USA is the true address.

What grade is Elena Gilbert in season 1?

Season 1 premiered in September of 2009. Elena had turned 17 in June and was a Junior at the time. Jeremy, a freshman, was about to turn 15 in October.

Where was Mystic Falls High School filmed at?

Worthington Manor in Covington, Georgia, is a 160-year-old mansion. The house, which was erected in 1850, served as the residence of the mayor of the fictional town of Mystic Falls, Virginia, during the production of Vampire Diaries. Mystic Falls is located in Covington, a tiny town with a population of 14,000 people.

Where is Matt Donovan’s house?



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