Vampire Diaries Why Does Elena Look Like Katherine?

Elena is revealed to be a Petrova Doppelgänger, which explains why she looks exactly like her ancestor Katherine Pierce (née Katerina Petrova).

Similarly, Is Elena actually related to Katherine?

Elena and Katherine were half sisters in the novels since they shared a mother (though Katherine felt Elena was a potential descendent), but they are blood relatives in the TV series, and Elena is her descendant.

Also, it is asked, How is Elena a descendant of Katherine?

Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce may despise each other on The Vampire Diaries, but the two women have a mystical and genetic relationship. Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce, who play Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce on The Vampire Diaries, have more in common than simply looks: they are both members of the Petrova family.

Secondly, Does Katherine pretend to be Elena?

Katherine (Nina Dobrev), still claiming to be Elena, seeks to rekindle her romance with Stefan (Paul Wesley).

Also, How is Elena A Petrova?

Elena Gilbert (the 3rd Petrova Doppelgänger): Elena was born in Mystic Falls, Virginia, on the 1st of January. She was the biological daughter of John Gilbert and Isobel Flemming, and hence a descendant of Katerina Petrova, with whom she has significant physical similarities.

People also ask, Who was Katherine’s baby daddy?

Throughout the course of The Vampire Diaries, Katherine slept with Niklaus Mikaelson in the season four finale of The Vampire Diaries, Graduation, and gave birth to her daughter, Adyelya.

Related Questions and Answers

How many doppelgangers does Elena?

The Vampire Diaries had a significant role for Elena’s and Stefan’s doppelgangers, or supernatural counterparts produced by the universe.

How is Damon and Elena’s daughter a witch?

Stefanie Salvatore is the younger twin sister of Stefan Salvatore and the heretic daughter of Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert. She is both a witch and a vampire, descended from the Salvatore family. Her vampire side comes from both of her parents.

What episode do they realize Katherine is in Elena’s body?

“Gone Girl” is the 15th episode of The Vampire Diaries’ fifth season, and the series’ 104th overall.

Why is the Petrova family cursed?

History. The tome that explains the curse. When vampires and werewolves wrecked havoc on the Aztecs centuries ago, a great shaman used a moonstone and the sacrifice of Petrova blood to put a curse on them, according to tradition.

Who turned Katherine into a vampire?

3 Klaus Has Turned Her Katherine, on the other hand, decided to become a vampire in order to get away from him. Her story revolved on the decades she spent fleeing Klaus, who sought vengeance, despite the fact that Klaus is the one who turned Katherine in the books.

What season does Elena get pregnant?

Black Hole Sun” is the fourth episode of The Vampire Diaries’ sixth season, as well as the series’ 115th overall episode.

Who is the father of Elena’s daughter?

Elena Alves (Matilda De Angelis) is brutally killed in the first episode of the six-part miniseries, and it now seems that Jonathan Fraser (Hugh Grant) is to blame. Not only that, but he’s the father of her newborn daughter, as well.

Why was Katherine’s daughter taken away?

History from the beginning. Nadia when she was a newborn. Nadia was born in Bulgaria around 1490. Katherine begged her father to let her touch the kid just once, but he stated she had embarrassed the family and had the infant taken away to a new family so the embarrassment would not be revealed.

Is Elena wearing a wig in season 8?

While most people anticipate performers to alter their makeup or hair, it’s surprising to realize that a character’s hairdo is a wig rather than a haircut. It may seem little, but you may not be aware that Nina Dobrev’s hair was false throughout her time on the program.

Who played Elena in Season 7?

Fans of The Vampire Diaries were startled to find that Elena Gilbert, portrayed by Nina Dobrev, will be departing the show before season 7. Dobrev, like many other performers, felt it was time to say goodbye to Elena. But, before she could do so, she used to social media to announce her departure.

Who played Elena in season 8?

Nina Dobrev reprised her roles as Katherine Pierce and Elena Gilbert in Season 8 of ‘The Vampire Diaries.’

Why is Stefan a doppelgänger?

Silas then reveals that Stefan is a carbon copy of himself. Silas was the one who invented the immortality magic 2000 years ago, but nature produced a version of Silas that could be killed, a shadow-self that ends up becoming Stefan.

Who is Elena’s original doppelgänger?

Katerina Petrova is a Russian actress.

Who is the doppelgänger after Elena?

Doppelgängers who have been identified DoppelgängerStatusTatia Deceased Salvatore, Stefan (deceased) Elena Gilbert has passed away (Flashforward) Tom Avery (died) 1 more row to go

Alaric is a member of the Saltzman family and a non-biological relative of the Petrova and Gilbert families, since he is Elena’s stepfather and Jeremy’s guardian via his marriage to Isobel.

Who does Jeremy end up with?

Later, he was given John’s ring, which shields him from death caused by supernatural forces. Jeremy falls in love with Bonnie Bennett in season two and the two begin dating.

How is Elena still human after the sacrifice?

Elena’s best friend Bonnie Bennett, a witch, cast a spell that linked Elena’s soul to John Gilbert, Elena’s biological father, which revived Elena by giving her her father’s life force and prevented her from turning into a vampire due to the vampire blood in her system; John willingly went through with it,.

Are Elena’s kids witches?

As a result, their offspring will not be witches. The Cure has the capacity to bring the undead back to life, hence it should be able to heal due to its relationship to resurrection, since healing is one of the fundamental features of resurrection.

Does Elena still love Damon after the cure?

Elena finally admitted the truth after many unsuccessful attempts: she had fallen in love with Damon while still formally married to Stefan. Erasing this moment of understanding from Elena’s memory had the unintended consequence of erasing all of her positive memories of Damon.

Does Elena still love Damon after the sire bond is broken?

It isn’t until the very last episode of the season that everything is revealed. Elena declares her love for Damon after the sire link is finally broken in a fan-favorite moment. Their kiss in front of the fireplace is still one of the show’s greatest scenes, and the love triangle is officially over.

How did Elena’s body not burn?

Although it was a fake, Damon was horrified by what he had done, and this depicted Elena’s casket burning to ashes. Tyler reassures Damon in This Woman’s Work that Elena is still alive, slumbering, and secure within her coffin. Damon feels relieved since he had just torched an empty coffin a few episodes before to this one.


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