What Are the Best Episodes of the Vampire Diaries?

The Vampire Diaries is a popular TV show that aired from 2009-2017. If you’re a fan of the show, you may be wondering what the best episodes are.

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“The Best episodes of The Vampire Diaries”

The Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural teen drama television series developed by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec based on the popular book series of the same name by L. J. Smith. The series premiered on The CW on September 10, 2009, and concluded on March 10, 2017, airing 171 episodes over eight seasons.

While the show had its fair share of ups and downs over the course of its eight seasons, there were definitely more good episodes than bad. Here are some of the best episodes of The Vampire Diaries, according to IMDb.

“Pilot” (Season 1, Episode 1) – 8.3
The series premiere introduced us to the world of The Vampire Diaries and set the stage for eight seasons of twists, turns, and shocks.

“The Departed” (Season 3, Episode 22) – 8.7
The season three finale killed off a major character and changed the show forever. It remains one of the highest-rated episodes in the entire series.

” Graduation ” (Season 4, Episode 23) – 8.7
The season four finale was another game-changer for the show, as it said goodbye to one of its main characters. It’s a sad but fitting end to an iconic character’s arc.

“500 Years of Solitude” (Season 5, Episode 1) – 8.5
The season five premiere picked up where the season four finale left off, with Damon and Elena trapped in a cave together. It was a touching episode that set up the rest of the season perfectly.

“Do Not Go Gentle” (Season 6 , Episode 22) – 8 .8
The season six finale was another heart-wrenching episode, as it marked the end of another fan-favorite character’s journey . It was a stunning episode that left viewers wanting more .

“I Was Feeling Epic ” (Season 8 , Episode 16 ) – 8 .9 //Series Finale
The series finale was a beautiful episode that wrapped up all loose ends and gave fans closure . It was a fitting end to an incredible show .

“The Top 10 Episodes of The Vampire Diaries”

The Vampire Diaries is a supernatural teen drama that aired on The CW from 2009-2017. The series follows the lives of Elena Gilbert and her friends, who are caught up in the supernatural world when Elena’s younger brother, Jeremy, is revealed to be a Petrova doppelgänger. The show was popular among audiences and Critics alike and is often considered one of the best teen dramas of all time.

The series has many great episodes, but here are 10 that stand out:

1) “Pilot” – The first episode of the series introduces us to the characters and sets up the premise of the show. It’s a great episode that hooks you into the story and makes you want to see more.

2) “There Goes the Neighborhood” – This episode is the first time we see Elena turn into a vampire and it’s a great moment for the character. It also features a really intense battle between Damon and Stefan.

3) “The Turning Point” – This episode features Elijah turning Tyler into a werewolf and it’s a great introduction to the supernatural elements of the show. It also has a touching moment between Stefan and Elena where he tells her he loves her for the first time.

4) “Do Not Go Gentle” – This episode is named after a Dylan Thomas poem and it features Klaus turning Tyler into his own personal weapon. It’s a really intense episode with some great action scenes.

5) “Graduation” – The season 3 finale is an emotional rollercoaster ride as we say goodbye to graduating seniors Bonnie and Caroline. It’s also a major game-changer as Klaus takes over Tyler’s body and compels him to kill Jeremy.

6) “500 Years of Solitude” – The season 5 premiere picks up right where the previous season left off with Klaus in Tyler’s body demanding that Stefan kill Elena in order to save Caroline’s life. This episode is full of tension and angst as Stefan tries to figure out what to do.

7) “Home” – This episode features Elena finally coming face to face with her doppelgänger, Katherine Pierce. It’s a great confrontation between the two characters, who have been at odds since Season 1.

8) “I’d Leave My Happy Home For You” – This episode features one of the most heartbreaking moments in TVD history when Damon snaps Jeremy’s neck, thinking he was going to turn into a vampire anyway. Thankfully, Bonnie brings him back from the dead but it’s still an incredibly emotional scene.

9) “The Day I Tried To Live” – This season 6 finale is packed with emotion as we say goodbye to another original cast member, Ian Somerhalder (Damon). Damon sacrifices himself to save his friends and it’s truly one of the most heartbreaking episodes of TVD ever.

“The Most Memorable Episodes of The Vampire Diaries”

The Vampire Diaries is a show that will go down in TV history. It’s a show that had something for everyone, whether you were Team Damon, Team Stefan, or even if you were just there for the ride. It had romance, comedy, tragedy, and everything in between.

Here are some of the most memorable episodes of The Vampire Diaries:

1) The Pilot Episode: This is the episode that started it all. We meet Elena Gilbert for the first time and learn about her complicated relationship with her brother, Jeremy. We’re also introduced to Stefan Salvatore and Damon Salvatore, the two vampire brothers who will come to play a major role in Elena’s life.

2) The Sacrifice: In this episode, we learn about the sacrifices that must be made in order to keep the peace between vampires and werewolves. Stefan makes a selfless act that leads to heartbreaking consequences.

3) The Sun Also Rises: This is an episode that focuses on Elena and Damon’s relationship. We see them at their best and worst as they try to navigatie their complicated feelings for each other.

4) Graduation: The vampire diaries series finale was nothing short of epic. All of our favorite characters said their goodbyes as they went their separate ways. We got closure on all of the major storylines and it was a satisfying ending to an incredible show.

“The Most Shocking Episodes of The Vampire Diaries”

As a television show about vampires, witches, and werewolves, The Vampire Diaries is bound to have some seriously shocking moments. Here are some of the most jaw-dropping episodes of the series.

“The Most Shocking Episodes of The Vampire Diaries”

1. “Miss Mystic Falls” (Season 1, Episode 18)
In this episode, Elena Gilbert (played by Nina Dobrev) is turned into a vampire. This was a huge shock to fans of the show, as it completely changed the course of the series.

2. “Graduation” (Season 4, Episode 23)
This episode saw the death of major character Bonnie Bennett (played by Kat Graham). Bennett had been a central character on the show for four seasons, so her death came as a real shock to fans.

3. “Do Not Go Gentle” (Season 5, Episode 22)
This episode featured the death of yet another major character, Alaric Saltzman (played by Matt Davis). Like Bonnie Bennett, Saltzman had been a key player on the show for several seasons, so his death was a real gut-punch for fans.

4. “Hello Brother” (Season 6, Episode 1)
The season 6 premiere featured the return of original vampire Stefan Salvatore (played by Paul Wesley). Salvatore had been missing for several seasons, so his return was a real surprise for fans of the show.

“The Most Romantic Episodes of The Vampire Diaries”

The Vampire Diaries is a CW television series about the love triangle between a vampire, a werewolf, and a human. The show has been praised for its clever writing, its ability to subvert genre conventions, and its sexy cast.

While the show is full of romance, some episodes are more romantic than others. Here are five of the most romantic episodes of The Vampire Diaries:

1) Season 1, Episode 8 (“Blood Brothers”) – In this episode, Damon and Stefan Salvatore (played by Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley) put aside their differences to save Elena Gilbert (played by Nina Dobrev). The episode features one of the most iconic scenes in the series, in which Damon gives Stefan his blood to heal him. This scene is significant not only because it’s romantic, but because it’s also a turning point in their relationship.

2) Season 2, Episode 22 (“As I Lay Dying”) – This episode features the death of Alaric Saltzman (played by Matt Davis), which brings Elena and Damon closer together. Elena confesses her love for Damon in this episode, and he reciprocates. This is one of the most heartbreaking yet romantic episodes of the series.

3) Season 3, Episode 16 (“1916”) – In this episode, Stefan travels back in time to save Elena from Klaus Mikaelson (played by Joseph Morgan). This episode is significant because it’s one of the few times that Stefan has been able to fully let go of his anger and hatred towards Klaus. It’s also a beautiful love story between two people who are willing to do anything for each other.

4) Season 4, Episode 5 (“Kill or Be Killed”) – In this episode, Bonnie Bennett (played by Kat Graham) sacrificing herself to save Damon. This act of selflessness cements Bonnie and Damon’s friendship and leads to some very touching scenes between them. This episode is also significant because it’s one of the few times that we see Damon express his vulnerability.

5) Season 6, Episode 10 (“Christmas Through Your Eyes”) – In this holiday-themed episode, Caroline Forbes (played by Candice Accola) opens up to Stefan about her fears and doubts about motherhood. This scene is beautiful because it shows that Caroline is willing to let Stefan into her life even though she knows that he isn’t ready for a committed relationship.

“The Funniest Episodes of The Vampire Diaries”

The Vampire Diaries is a show that is known for its drama, suspense, and horror. But, it also has its fair share of funny moments. Here are some of the funniest episodes of The Vampire Diaries:

1) “The Hybrid” – In this episode, Stefan and Damon try to figure out how to kill Klaus, the original vampire who has turned them both into hybrids. In the process, they destroy half of Mystic Falls and end up covered in animal blood. Hilarity ensues.

2) “The Deadline” – In this episode, Elena is trying to come to terms with her new vampire powers and ends up hooked on blood. Meanwhile, Stefan and Damon are trying to deal with a group of vampires who are terrorizing Mystic Falls. This episode is full of comedic moments, including a scene where Damon accidentally sets himself on fire.

3) “The Dinner Party” – This episode features a dinner party that goes horribly wrong when Klaus shows up unexpected. Things quickly escalate as Klaus starts killing people left and right. This episode is full of dark humor that is sure to make you laugh.

4) “Klaus” – In this episode, Klaus turns Caroline into a vampire and she does not take it well. She goes on a rampage, destroying everything in sight. This episode is both funny and heartbreaking as we see Caroline come to terms with her new vampire Powers

“The most suspenseful/action-packed episodes of The Vampire Diaries”

The Vampire Diaries is a supernatural drama television series that premiered on The CW on September 10, 2009. The series takes place in the town of Mystic Falls, Virginia and follows the relationships between vampire brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore, their human love interest Elena Gilbert, and other characters.

There are many great episodes of The Vampire Diaries, but here are some of the most suspenseful and action-packed episodes:

1) Season 1, Episode 18: “Under Control” – In this episode, Stefan is forced to do Klaus’ bidding or else he will kill Elena. Klaus makes Stefan help him track down a werewolf named Mason in order to compel him into giving Klaus information. This episode is full of suspense as Stefan tries to find a way to save Elena and stop Klaus.

2) Season 2, Episode 22: “As I Lay Dying” – This is the season finale and it does not disappoint. In the episode, Damon compels Jeremy to kill Bonnie as part of a plan to get revenge on Katherine. However, things go awry when Bonnie ends up being resurrected by a witch named Emily. This episode is full of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

3) Season 3, Episode 22: “The Departed” – In the season finale, Damon finally gets his revenge on Katherine by killing her. However, he also ends up sacrificing himself in order to save Mystic Falls from destruction. This episode is full of emotion as we see Damon say goodbye to his loved ones. It is also an action-packed episode that will keep you entertained from beginning to end.

“The most heart-wrenching episodes of The Vampire Diaries”

TVD delivered some seriously devastating episodes over the course of its eight seasons. Here are some of the most heart-wrenching episodes of The Vampire Diaries, ranked.

5) Season 3, Episode 22: “The Departed”
After Klaus (Joseph Morgan) kills Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) mother, Tyler joins forces with the Originals to take him down. This results in a final showdown between the two that ends with Klaus snapping Tyler’s neck. While viewers knew that Tyler would eventually be resurrected, it didn’t make this episode any less difficult to watch.

4) Season 4, Episode 16: “Bring It On”
In an attempt to save Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) life, Bonnie (Kat Graham) makes a deal with Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) that requires her to perform a difficult spell. The catch? The spell will kill her. Bonnie is ultimately successful in saving Elena but she sacrifices her own life in the process. This is one of the most gut-wrenching episodes not only because Bonnie dies but because Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is forced to watch it happen.

3)Season 6, Episode 8: “Dear Diary”
In a flashback episode that takes place during Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) time as a Ripper, viewers see him at his absolute worst. While Stefan is usually portrayed as the good brother, this episode shows just how dark he can be. He brutally kills several innocent people and it’s all caught on camera in what might be one of the series’ most disturbing scenes.

2) Season 7, Episode 8: “Mommie Dearest”
Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for Bonnie, she finds herself stuck in an alternate reality where she never became a witch and her mother Abby (Persia White) is still alive. But Bonnie soon discovers that this reality is far from perfect when she sees her mother being abused by her boyfriend. This episode is incredibly tough to watch but it does give Bonnie the closure she needs to move on from her mother’s death.

1) Season 8, Episode 16: “I Was Feeling Epic”
The series finale was full of heartbreaking moments but none more so than when Damon finally says goodbye to Stefan. After 166 years of friendship, Damon has to say goodbye to his brother as he dies in his arms. It’s a truly gut-wrenching scene that brings closure to one of TVD’s most important relationships.

“The most ‘OMG’ moments from The Vampire Diaries”

The CW’s The Vampire Diaries ran for eight seasons and 171 episodes, and while not every episode was a winner, there were definitely some standouts. Here are some of the most “OMG” moments from the show.

1. When Damon killed Vicki in season one.
2. When Tyler turned into a werewolf in season two.
3. When Elena turned into a vampire in season three.
4. When Jeremy died (and came back to life) in season four.
5. When Silas was revealed to be the world’s first immortal in season five.
6. When Bonnie died (and came back to life) in season six.
7. When Kai linked Elena and Bonnie’s lives in season seven.
8. When Stefan sacrificed himself to save Damon and Elena in season eight.

“The most ‘WTF’ moments from The Vampire Diaries”

While The Vampire Diaries may be over, that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped thinking about it. In fact, we’ve been thinking about it a lot lately – specifically, the most “WTF” moments from the show.

For those of you who need a refresher, The Vampire Diaries was a popular television show that aired on The CW from 2009 to 2017. The show followed the lives of Elena Gilbert (played by Nina Dobrev), Stefan Salvatore (played by Paul Wesley), and Damon Salvatore (played by Ian Somerhalder), as well as their friends and enemies, as they navigated the supernatural world of Mystic Falls, Virginia.

With that said, here are the most “WTF” moments from The Vampire Diaries:

1) When Jeremy Gilbert died… and then came back to life. We’re still not quite over this one.

2) When Tyler Lockwood turned into a werewolf. We didn’t see that one coming.

3) When Matt Donovan turned into a vampire. Another surprise!

4) When Bonnie Bennett died… and then came back to life. We’re beginning to see a pattern here.

5) When Damon Salvatore died… and then came back to life. Yep, this definitely seems to be a thing on The Vampire Diaries.

6) When Stefan Salvatore died… and then came back to life. OK, we’re starting to lose count now.

7) When Kai Parker killed all those people in an alternate reality. That was pretty messed up.

8) When Damon Salvatore killed Elena Gilbert’s doppelgänger, Katherine Pierce. That was cold-blooded, even for Damon.

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