What Can Kill a Vampire in Vampire Diaries?

There are a few things that can kill a vampire in Vampire Diaries – garlic, UV light, and a stake through the heart. However, the most effective way to kill a vampire is by decapitation.

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sunlight, running water, stakes through the heart, fire, and decapitation.

Wooden Stake

The wooden stake is the most commonly used weapon against vampires in the Vampire Diaries universe. While it is not the only thing that can kill a vampire, it is the most effective and the most straightforward.

To kill a vampire with a wooden stake, the stake must be driven into the vampire’s heart. This will immediately stop the vampire’s heart from beating and will effectively kill them. Wooden stakes can be made from any type of wood, but they are typically made from oak or ash.

While many people believe that any piece of wood can be used as a stake, this is not necessarily true. The wood must be hard enough to penetrate the vampire’s heart, which is protected by a thick layer of muscle and tissue. In addition, the wood must be treated in some way to make it poisonous to vampires. This can be done by soaking the wood in holy water or by using a special mixture of herbs and spices.


Silver is a popular choice for killing vampires in the Vampire Diaries. It is a natural element that can be found in nature, and it is also a popular choice for jewelry. Silver has a long history of being associated with vampires, and it is said to be able to kill them.


There are many things that can kill a vampire in the Vampire Diaries, but fire is one of the most effective methods. Exposure to sunlight will also kill vampires, but it is much more difficult to control than fire. Vampires can also be killed by exposure to holy water, or by having a stake driven through their heart.

Holy Water

Holy water is the most effective way to kill a vampire in Vampire Diaries. It will instantly kill them and they will not be able to come back.


One of the most surefire ways to kill a vampire is by decapitation. This can be done with a sword, an axe, or even a sturdy piece of wood. When a vampire’s head is cut off, their body will instantly turn to ash. This method is also effective on other supernatural creatures, such as werewolves.


Vampires can only survive by drinking blood, and if they do not drink blood for a prolonged period of time, they will eventually starve to death. In the Vampire Diaries, we have seen many vampires go through the process of starvation, and it is always a very painful and drawn-out death.

Exposure to Garlic

Exposure to garlic is a well-known vampire weakness. consuming garlic or even just being around it can weaken a vampire and make them feel ill. In some cases, it can even kill them. There have been a few instances of this on the show, most notably when Bonnie fed Caroline garlic in an attempt to save her from Katherine.

Being Invited Into a Home

The most surefire way to kill a vampire in the Vampire Diaries universe is to invite them into your home. This is because vampires are bound by a mystical code that prevents them from entering someone’s home unless they are invited in. Once they’ve been invited in, they can never leave unless they’re explicitly invited to do so. So, if you want to get rid of a pesky vampire, just invite them into your home and then never invite them to leave!

A Good, Old-Fashioned Beating

There are a lot of ways to kill a vampire in the Vampire Diaries universe, but one of the most common is simply giving them a good, old-fashioned beating. This can be done with fists, weapons, or even just using their own body weight against them. It requires a lot of strength and stamina, but it is certainly possible to do.

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