What Channel Is the Vampire Diaries on at&t?

AT&T U-verse TV customers can find The Vampire Diaries on channel 112 in standard-definition (SD) and channel 1112 in high-definition (HD).

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The CW

The CW is the home of The Vampire Diaries, and you can find it on channel 1180 on AT&T U-verse, channel 15 on DirecTV, and channel 48 on Dish Network.

AT&T U-verse

The Vampire Diaries is on channel 112 on AT&T U-verse.


AT&T TV is an American subscription video on demand and streaming television service. It is owned by AT&T and designed as a premium cord-cutting service. AT&T TV Now is the current branding for the service which was previously known as DirecTV Now.


AT&T TV Now is an American streaming television service owned by AT&T, which offers live and on-demand content from browsers and mobile apps. It is the successor to the former DirecTV Now service, which was first launched in November 2016. The service offers a variety of cable, broadcast, and premium networks, including HBO, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, and Epix.


You can watch The Vampire Diaries on DIRECTV channel 312.


The Vampire Diaries is on DIRECTV Now.


The Vampire Diaries is on the Dish Network at Channel 312.


AT&T Comcast offers the Vampire Diaries on channel 246.


Vampire Diaries is a popular television series that airs on the CW network. AT&T customers can watch the show on the CW channel, which is included in most AT&T TV packages.

Other TV providers

Vampire Diaries is not currently airing on AT&T. For other providers, please check the following link:


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