What Channel Is Vampire Diaries on Dish?

If you’re a fan of the hit TV show Vampire Diaries, you might be wondering what channel it’s on Dish. Here’s a quick guide to help you find it.

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The CW

The CW is an American broadcast television network that is operated by The CW Network, LLC, a joint venture between CBS Corporation, the former owner of United Paramount Network (UPN), and Warner Bros. Entertainment, former co-owner of The WB Television Network. The network’s name is an abbreviation of the names of its two parent corporations (CBS and Warner Bros.).

Dish Network

Dish Network is an American direct-broadcast satellite service provider. It is the second largest pay-TV provider in the U.S. with 13.5 million subscribers as of Q3 2016. Dish Network is headquartered in Meridian, Colorado, though the postal designation of nearby Englewood, Colorado is used in the corporate branding.

Vampire Diaries

Dish offers a variety of channels that show popular vampire TV shows, such as The Vampire Diaries. Some of these channels include:

-The CW (Channel 5410 in HD)
-Syfy (Channel 122 in HD)
-TNT (Channel 138 in HD)

TV Shows

The Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural drama television series developed by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec based on the popular book series of the same name written by L. J. Smith. The series premiered on The CW on September 10, 2009, and concluded on March 10, 2017, airing 171 episodes over eight seasons.


The CW’s “Vampire Diaries” is a hit show that Dish Network subscribers can watch on channel 177 in prime-time. The show is about two vampire brothers who are both in love with the same girl.

Soap Operas

Dish offers a variety of soap operas, including “Vampire Diaries.” This show is broadcast on the Dish Network channel 126.

Daytime Television

Dish offers a variety of channels that show daytime television programming. Some examples of daytime television channels are Soap Net, ABC Family, and the Fox Reality Channel. Daytime television programming is typically geared towards women and features shows such as soap operas, game shows, talk shows, and reality television.

Late-night Television

Vampire Diaries is a popular supernatural drama that airs on the CW network. The show typically airs in the US on Thursdays at 8pm, but times may vary depending on your location. In some areas, the show airs in a late-night slot due to its adult content. If you’re wondering what channel Vampire Diaries is on Dish, you can find it by checking your local listings.

Network Television

Dish offers a variety of channels that show popular television programs, including the Vampire Diaries. This show airs on the CW network, which is channel 587 on Dish.

Cable Television

Vampire Diaries airs on the cable television channel Dish.

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