What Day Is Season 9 of Vampire Diaries Coming Out?

Find out when the new season of Vampire Diaries is coming out and what you can expect from the popular show.

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The CW’s “The Vampire Diaries”

The CW’s “The Vampire Diaries” is set to premiere on Friday, October 21 at 8/7c, it was announced today by Mark Pedowitz, President, The CW. The series’ eighth season averaged a 0.6/2 in adults 18-49 and 1.72 million viewers overall in live+7 Nielsen results last season, ranking as The CW’s #5 show in both measures. “The Vampire Diaries” was The CW’s #1 show on Fridays this past season in women 18-34 (1.1/4).

When is the Season 9 premiere?

Season 9 of Vampire Diaries is set to premiere on October 21, 2016.

What can we expect from Season 9?

While we don’t have an exact release date for Season 9 of Vampire Diaries yet, we do know that it will be sometime in 2017. We also know that it will be the final season of the show.

So what can we expect from the final season of Vampire Diaries? Well, we know that it will picked up a few months after the events of Season 8, which means that Stefan and Caroline’s baby girl, Josie, will be about six months old. We also know that there will be a time jump at some point during the season, which means we’ll probably get to see Josie as a toddler.

We also know that Damon and Elena will finally get their happy ending. In an interview with TVLine, executive producer Julie Plec said, “One of the things that we very much wanted to do in writing this final season was to give all the characters the endings that they deserved…and to give the fans — who have been so incredibly loyal and passionate from Day 1 — what they wanted.”

So it sounds like we can expect a lot of closure when it comes to all our favorite characters. And even though Plec says that she’s “not ruling out” the possibility of a spin-off or a TV movie, she says that for now, Season 9 is definitely the end of Vampire Diaries.

Who will be in the cast of Season 9?

The cast of the ninth and final season of The Vampire Diaries was announced on June 8, 2016, at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas. Season nine will see the return of Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder as Stefan Salvatore and Damon Salvatore, respectively. They will be joined by Kat Graham, Candice King, Matt Davis, Zach Roerig, Michael Malarkey, and Elizabeth Blackmore. It was also announced that Ellen Page would guest star in one episode.

What will the plot of Season 9 be about?

No one knows for sure what the plot of Season 9 will be about, but there are many theories floating around. One popular theory is that the season will focus on the struggle between the Original vampires and the new generation of vampires. Another theory is that Season 9 will be the final season of the show, and that it will be a “reset” season, meaning that it will start with a clean slate and new characters.

How many episodes will there be in Season 9?

The ninth and final season of The Vampire Diaries is set to premiere on October 21, 2016. The season will consist of 16 episodes.

Where can I watch Season 9 of “The Vampire Diaries”?

You can watch Season 9 of “The Vampire Diaries” on the CW app or website.

What has been the best season of “The Vampire Diaries” so far?

There are eight seasons of “The Vampire Diaries” so far, with the ninth season set to premiere on Friday, October 21st, 2016.

“The Vampire Diaries” is a supernatural drama television series that originally aired on The CW from 2009-2017. The show follows the lives of Elena Gilbert (played by Nina Dobrev) and her friends, as they deal with the effects of vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural beings in their town of Mystic Falls, Virginia.

While all seasons of “The Vampire Diaries” have been good, some seasons are definitely better than others. Here is a list of the best seasons of “The Vampire Diaries”, according to fans:

Season 3 (2011-2012): This season introduced a new character, Klaus Mikaelson (played by Joseph Morgan), who quickly became a fan-favorite. This season also had a lot of shocking plot twists that kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

Season 4 (2012-2013): This season followed Klaus as he tried to create an army of werewolf-vampire hybrids. This season also marked the departure of Nina Dobrev from the show (although she did make a guest appearance in the finale).

Season 5 (2013-2014): This was the first season without Nina Dobrev, but it did not disappoint. New character Bonnie Bennett (played by Kat Graham) stepped up as the lead female character, and she did an amazing job. The storylines in this season were also very well done and kept viewers hooked until the very end.

Season 6 (2014-2015): This season gave us one of the most epic finales in television history. It also introduced a new love interest for Elena, which helped fill the void left by Nina Dobrev’s departure.

Season 7 (2015-2016): This was another great season of “The Vampire Diaries”. It featured more drama and romance than previous seasons, and it ended with a huge cliffhanger that left fans dying for more.

Season 8 (2016-2017): The final season of “The Vampire Diaries” was everything fans could have hoped for. It was emotional, action-packed, and full of twists and turns that nobody saw coming.

My thoughts on the Season 9 premiere of “The Vampire Diaries”

I was really excited for the season 9 premiere of “The Vampire Diaries.” I loved the show when it first came out and have been eagerly awaiting its return. I was not disappointed. The episode was action-packed and full of suspense. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

10)The Vampire Diaries” – A love story for the ages

The Vampire Diaries is a love story for the ages. Come join the adventure as Damon and Stefan Salvatore, two vampire brothers, battle for the love of Elena Gilbert. This season will be full of twists and turns that you won’t want to miss!

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