What Episode Does Jenna Die on Vampire Diaries?

Jenna dies in the season three finale of Vampire Diaries. This is a shocking moment for fans of the show, and it sets up the fourth season with a new conflict.

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Jenna Sommers was introduced in the very first episode of The Vampire Diaries as Elena Gilbert’s aunt. She served as a mentor and mother figure to Elena and her brother Jeremy following the death of their parents. In spite of her protests, Jenna was drawn into the world of vampires when she met Damon Salvatore and began a doomed romance with him.

Jenna’s death had a profound impact on the characters of The Vampire Diaries and served as a catalyst for much of the conflict in the series. In the season two finale, ‘As I Lay Dying’, Jenna is caught in the crossfire when Klaus attempts to kill Elena and instead turns her into a vampire. As she lay dying in Damon’s arms, Jenna asked him to kill her so she would not become a monster like Klaus. Damon obliged, breaking her neck and killing her.

The Episode

Many fans were shocked when Jenna died in season two, episode 22, of Vampire Diaries. While her death was certainly tragic, it did help move the plot forward and set up some interesting challenges for the characters.

The Reaction

Jenna’s death was a huge shock to everyone, including the cast and crew. Here’s what they had to say about it:

“I think the fans are going to be pretty devastated,” Paul Wesley (Stefan) told TVLine. “It was definitely shocking for all of us. We love Sara [Canning, who played Jenna] and she’s done such an amazing job with the character, so it was definitely heartbreaking.”

“Jenna has been such an integral part of the show for so long, and her loss will be felt by everyone,” added executive producer Julie Plec. “We hope that in the wake of her loss, those she left behind will find some comfort in knowing that her memory and her love will live on in them forever.”

The Aftermath

In the aftermath of Jenna’s death, things are turned upside down for the Mystic Falls gang. While Damon is trying to cope with the loss of his girlfriend, Stefan is trying to figure out what to do next now that he is no longer with Elena. This episode marks a turning point for the show, as it is the first time that a major character has died.

The Legacy

In the episode “The Legacy”, Jenna is killed by Klaus. This is the episode where Stefan turns off his humanity in order to get revenge for Jenna’s death.

The Significance

Jenna’s death was one of the most significant moments on The Vampire Diaries. It was the first time a major character had died, and it had a profound effect on the show’s central character, Elena Gilbert. Jenna’s death also demonstrated the lengths that the show’s villains would go to in order to achieve their goals.

The Importance

Jenna’s death is important for a couple of reasons. First, it was the first time we saw Damon truly lose control and turn into the psychopath that he is capable of being. Second, Jenna’s death was the event that ultimately led to Elena turning off her humanity and becoming a vampire herself.

8 ) The Meaning

In the season 8 episode “The Meaning,” fans were finally given an answer to the question of what happened to Jenna. Jenna (played by Sara Canning) was a major character in the first few seasons of The Vampire Diaries, but her role diminished in later seasons. In season 8, she only appeared in two episodes.

The episode began with a flashback to the day that Jenna died. It was revealed that she had been turned into a vampire by Klaus and then killed herself with vervain before she could be forced to turn into a vampire-werewolf hybrid like her niece, Hayley.

In the present day, Damon (played by Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (played by Paul Wesley) were trying to figure out how to defeat Klaus (played by Joseph Morgan). They knew that they needed Hayley’s help, but they were having trouble finding her. Damon decided to use Jenna’s corpse as bait in order to lure Hayley out of hiding.

This plan worked, and Hayley came to rescue Jenna’s body. She was furious when she saw that Damon had been using Jenna’s corpse, and she vowed to get revenge on him. However, she eventually realized that Damon was only trying to help her and they formed an alliance against Klaus.

The episode ended with a touching scene between Stefan and Jenna’s ghost. Stefan had been drinking heavily since Jenna’s death, but he decided to sober up after Damon told him that he was going to need his help to defeat Klaus. Stefan went to see Jenna’s ghost one last time and promised her that he would never give up on finding a way to save her.

The Impact

Jenna’s death had a profound impact on the characters on Vampire Diaries. In the episode, Jenna is killed by Klaus in a fit of rage. This leads to Elena turning off her humanity in order to get revenge. Damon also becomes much more dark and brooding after Jenna’s death.

The Consequences

On April 5, 2018, it was announced that Katie would be leaving the show after eight seasons. The episode “The Lies Will Catch Up to You” aired on April 25, 2018, and served as her final appearance. In the episode, Jenna is killed off-screen by Damon Salvatore ( Ian Somerhalder) as he fed on her blood to heal his wounds. This marked the first major character death since the series’ beginnings.

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