What Episode of Vampire Diaries Does Klaus Appear In?

If you’re a fan of the Vampire Diaries, then you’re probably wondering what episode of the show Klaus appears in. We’ve got the answer for you!

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Klaus’s first appearance

Klaus makes his first appearance in the third episode of the first season of The Vampire Diaries, titled “Friday Night Bites”. In this episode, Klaus arrives in Mystic Falls with his werewolf pack in tow, seeking revenge against Stefan for killing one of their own. Klaus quickly establishes himself as a powerful foe, and his arrival sets off a chain of events that will have major implications for the town and its residents.

Klaus’s second appearance

Klaus’s second appearance is in the episode “Founder’s Day.” In this episode, Klaus comes to town to try and figure out why his werewolf side is not working properly. Klaus ends up attacking Tyler, which prompts Stefan to try and stop him. However, Klaus is able to compel Stefan into submission and tells him that he wants information on the stone that can make werewolves immune to sunlight.

Klaus’s third appearance

Klaus makes his third appearance in the episode “Dangerous Liaisons”. In this episode, he is seen attending a party at a nightclub with Elijah. While at the party, he meets and flirts with Caroline Forbes. He later asks her to dance and she accepts. Klaus and Caroline talk and Klaus tells her that he can sense her sadness. Caroline then opens up to Klaus about her recent break-up with Matt. Klaus comforts her and the two share a kiss.

Klaus’s fourth appearance

Klaus makes his fourth appearance in the season one episode, “History Repeating.” In this episode, Klaus comes to Mystic Falls to try to convince Tyler to turn him into a hybrid. However, Tyler is not interested and Klaus ends up turning Caroline into a vampire instead.

Klaus’s fifth appearance

Klaus made his fifth appearance in the episode “Plan B.” In this episode, Klaus tries to come up with a new plan to get Stefan back on his side. He also has a discussion with Damon about why he wants Stefan back.

Klaus’s sixth appearance

Klaus’s sixth appearance is in the season 3 episode “The Reckoning.”

Klaus’s seventh appearance

Klaus’s seventh appearance is in the season five episode, “Gone Girl”. In this episode, Klaus arrives in Mystic Falls to help Damon and Stefan with their attempt to rescue Bonnie from the Other Side Klaus is successful in helping to bring Bonnie back, but his time in Mystic Falls is cut short when he is forced to flee from the town’s angry residents.

Klaus’s eighth appearance

Klaus Mikaelson makes his eighth appearance in the second episode of the fifth season of The Vampire Diaries, titled “True Lies”. Klaus appears in a series of flashbacks, which show his first interactions with Stefan Salvatore and Damon Salvatore. In the present day, Klaus is shown working with Tyler Lockwood to track down Stefan and Damon.

Klaus’s ninth appearance

Klaus’s ninth appearance is in the sixth episode of the fourth season of The Vampire Diaries “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. Klaus first appears in a flashback, where he is shown murdered by his mother Isabelle. In the present day, Klaus’s spirit visits Tyler and compels him to turn off his humanity. Klaus then kills Carolyn and Tyler’s father Richard. At the end of the episode, Klaus’ spirit possesses Tyler’s body.

Klaus’s tenth appearance

Klaus’s tenth appearance is in “Klaus” the eighth episode of season four.

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