What Episode Does Lexi Come Back to Life in Vampire Diaries?

If you’re a fan of the Vampire Diaries, then you’re probably wondering what episode Lexi comes back to life in. Well, we’ve got the answer for you! Keep reading to find out which episode of The Vampire Diaries you need to watch to see Lexi return from the dead.

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“The Vampire Diaries” – a TV show about vampires

“The Vampire Diaries” is a popular TV show about vampires. In the show, Lexi is a vampire who comes back to life after being killed. The episode in which she comes back to life is called “The Return.”

The character “Lexi” – a vampire in the show

The character Lexi was killed off in the season 3 episode, “The Departed.” However, she made a return in the season 5 episode, “500 Years of Solitude.” Since then, she has made occasional appearances on the show.

The episode “The Return” – the episode in which Lexi comes back to life

In the episode “The Return”, Lexi returns to life after being killed by Klaus. She helps Stefan and Damon rescue Elena from Klaus, and also kills several of Klaus’ vampires.

How Lexi was resurrected – by the power of the sun

In the fourth season of The Vampire Diaries, Lexi (one of Stefan’s vampire friends) makes a brief appearance in the show after she is resurrected by the power of the sun. Although she does not have a major role in the season, her return was significant because it marked the first time a vampire had been resurrected on the show.

What Lexi does after she comes back to life – she helps Damon and Stefan

In the episode, “The Homecoming” Lexi returns to Mystic Falls after being away for a while. She is surprised to see that her friends, Damon and Stefan, are now vampires. She helps them by giving them advice on how to control their new hunger and how to deal with the town’s new vampire hunter, Rose.

How the other characters react to Lexi’s return – they are all happy to see her

The other characters in Vampire Diaries react to Lexi’s return with joy and happiness. They were all clearly missed her and are excited to have her back. Even Stefan, who was previously smitten with her, is happy to see her and they share a touching moment.

What Lexi’s return means for the show – it adds more excitement and suspense

In the season three premiere of The Vampire Diaries, we were introduced to a new vampire named Lexi Branson. She was different than any other vampire we had seen on the show because she was kind and caring, and she quickly became a fan favorite. Unfortunately, Lexi was killed off in the season three finale, but she made a surprise return in the season four premiere.

While Lexi’s return is exciting for fans of the show, it also adds more excitement and suspense to the story. In the season four premiere, we saw that Lexi is now working with Klaus, and she has a plan to kill all of the Originals. This new development gives us a lot to look forward to in the upcoming episodes, and it will be interesting to see how Lexi’s storyline unfolds.

How the fans reacted to Lexi’s return – they were very excited and happy

TVD fans were over the moon when Lexi made her return in the season 8 episode “An Unthinkable Choice.” For those who don’t remember, Lexi was a vampire who died back in season 3. She was a fan favorite character, so her return was a very big deal for fans of the show.

Many took to social media to express their excitement and happiness at seeing Lexi back on their screens. Some even called it the best episode of the season. It’s safe to say that fans were very happy to have Lexi back in their lives, even if it was just for one episode.

What the future holds for Lexi – she will continue to help Damon and Stefan

Lexi is a vampire who first appears in the second season of The Vampire Diaries. She is a close friend of Damon and Stefan Salvatore, and often provides them with sage advice and guidance. In the season two finale, Lexi sacrifices herself to save Damon from werewolf bites. However, she is resurrected in the season three premiere and continues to help her friends throughout the rest of the series.

What the future holds for “The Vampire Diaries” – more exciting episodes to come!

The CW’s “The Vampire Diaries” is currently in its sixth season, with new episodes airing on Thursdays at 8/7c. The show has been renewed for a seventh season, which is set to air in the 2014-2015 television season.

This season, the show has been focused on the Salvatore brothers – Stefan (played by Paul Wesley) and Damon (played by Ian Somerhalder) – as they try to figure out how to life their lives now that they are both immortal. They are also trying to protect Elena (played by Nina Dobrev), who is human, from being turned into a vampire.

In addition to the love triangle between the Salvatore brothers and Elena, there are also a number of other storylines that have been keeping viewers hooked this season. These include the return of original vampire Klaus (played by Joseph Morgan), who is trying to create more vampires; Bonnie (played by Kat Graham) struggling with her powers as she tries to keep everyone safe; Caroline (played by Candice Accola) dealing with her parents’ divorce; and Jeremy (played by Steven R. McQueen) trying to deal with his girlfriend Bonnie’s death.

With so much going on, it’s no wonder that viewers are wondering what will happen in future episodes of “The Vampire Diaries.” Here are some things that we can expect to see in upcoming episodes:

-More tension between Stefan and Damon as they fight over Elena
-Elena starting to have feelings for Damon
-Caroline becoming a vampire
-Jeremy dealing with being able to see ghosts
-Klaus continuing his quest to create more vampires
-Bonnie discovering more about her powers
So make sure you tune in for all new episodes of “The Vampire Diaries” – you won’t be disappointed!

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