What Episode Does Liz Forbes Die in Vampire Diaries?

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Liz Forbes dies in episode 12 of season 8 of Vampire Diaries. This is the last episode of the series.

Liz Forbes’ Death

In episode 3 of season 8, Liz Forbes is fatally shot by Kai Parker. This leads to Caroline Forbes beginning her quest to find a way to bring her mother back from the dead.

The Episode

It is difficult to pinpoint the specific episode in which Liz Forbes died. The best answer may be “the episode in which Damon killed her.”

The Reaction

Many viewers were quick to point out that Liz’s death was a long time coming. “Liz has been dying since season 1. We all knew it was coming,” one user wrote. “RIP Liz Forbes. She was a great character and an even greater mother,” another added. Some even theorized that Liz’s death may have been foreshadowed in previous episodes.

The Aftermath

The episode “The Aftermath” is the devastating moment when Liz Forbes dies in Vampire Diaries. It’s the seventeenth episode of the sixth season, and it aired on February 27, 2015. her death was a turning point for Caroline Forbes, as she becomes more vengeful and angry after losing her mother.

The Funeral

In episode three of season six, titled “The Double Standard”, Elena is still struggling to come to terms with Damon’s decision to turn off his humanity. Liz is also dealing with some personal issues of her own, and she confides in Caroline that she has cancer. While Stefan is trying to help Elena get over Damon, Caroline convinces him to go see Liz. When Stefan arrives at the hospital, he finds out that Liz has stage four cancer and doesn’t have long to live. Stefan tries to talk her into getting treatment, but Liz refuses.

Later, Damon comes to the hospital to see Stefan and finds out about Liz’s diagnosis. He tells Stefan that he’s going to turn off his humanity for Liz so she won’t have to suffer, but Stefan tells him not to do it. The next day, at Liz’s funeral, Damon turns off his humanity as promised.

The Legacy

In The Legacy, Damon is feeding on a vampire when Liz Forbes interrupts him. She’s suspicious of Damon and wants to know what he’s up to. He tells her he’s looking for Katherine and asks for her help. She eventually agrees to let him into the house to look for Katherine. While Damon is searching the house, Liz calls Stefan and tells him Damon is there. Stefan arrives and Damon tells them both that Katherine is in town and he wants to find her before she causes any more trouble.

Liz isn’t happy about Stefan working with Damon, but she goes along with it. They eventually find out that Katherine is staying at the Lockwood Mansion. When they go to the mansion, they find Katherine’s coffin but she’s not inside. They realize she’s been hiding in the cellar all along. Damon starts to feed on her, but Liz stops him and tells him he can’t kill her because she’s human and doesn’t deserve to die.

Katherine then starts to feed on Liz and she eventually dies in Damon’s arms. This was a turning point for Damon because it made him realize that he can’t keep killing innocent people just because they’re in his way.

The Wrap Up

This is the final episode of the season and it is a two-hour episode. Liz Forbes is killed off in the last few minutes of the episode by Caroline. This was a major surprise to fans as Liz had been a main character since the beginning of the show.

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