What Episode in the Vampire Diaries Does Elena Wake Up?

If you’re a fan of the Vampire Diaries, then you’re probably wondering what episode in the show Elena wakes up. Well, we’ve got the answer for you! According to sources, Elena wakes up in episode 14 of season 6. So make sure you tune in to catch that episode!

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The episode where Elena wakes up

The episode where Elena wakes up is called “The Awakening.” It’s the first episode of the series, and it aired on September 10, 2009.

How Elena wakes up

In the season six premiere of The Vampire Diaries, “I’ll Remember”, set five months after the events of the season five finale, “Graduation”, Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) wakes up from her coma to discover that she is now a vampire.

Who helps Elena wake up

Many Fans of The Vampire Diaries were anxious to find out what would happen to Elena after she was bitten by Damon in the season two finale. In the season three premiere, it is Bonnie who helps Elena wake up from her sleep.

What happens after Elena wakes up

In season 4, episode 10 of The Vampire Diaries (“After School Special”), Elena wakes up from her coma. She has no memories of the past three months, during which she was possessed by Katherine. When she tries to return to her normal life, she finds that things have changed and her relationships with her friends and family are different. She also discovers that she now has vampire blood in her system and must learn to control her new abilities. As she adjusts to her new life, she must also deal with the return of Klaus, a powerful vampire who wants to control her.

How does Elena feel after waking up

Elena is extremely worried and scared after waking up because she can’t remember how she got there or what happened to her. Stefan arrives and Elena tells Stefan that she can’t remember anything that happened since the car crash. Stefan is relieved and happy to see that Elena is finally awake and tells her that she has been asleep for weeks.

What does Elena do after waking up

Elena Gilbert is the main character of The Vampire Diaries. In the first season, Elena wakes up from her long sleep and starts her new life as a vampire. After waking up, she tries to figure out what her new life will be like and how she can keep her friends and family safe.

How does Damon feel after Elena wakes up

Though Damon is relieved and elated that Elena is back, he’s also worried that she won’t remember him or the love they shared. When Bonnie tells him that Elena remembers everything, Damon goes to her house where they have an emotional reunion.

What does Damon do after Elena wakes up

In season 4, episode 9 of The Vampire Diaries, titled “O Come, All Ye Faithful,” Damon is relieved and overjoyed when Elena finally wakes up from her long sleep. He had been worried about her safety and was eager to see her again. After she wakes up, Damon immediately tells Elena about all that has happened in her absence and fills her in on the current situation. He also expresses his happiness at having her back and his relief that she is finally safe.

How does Stefan feel after Elena wakes up

Stefan is ecstatic and relieved that Elena is finally awake and seems to be herself again. He had been worried that she would never wake up or that she would be a different person.

What does Stefan do after Elena wakes up

In the season four finale, “Graduation,” Elena wakes up from her coma and is reunited with Stefan. However, she is not enjoying her new vampire life and she tells Stefan that she wants to go back to being human.

After a few episodes of trying to help Elena adjust to her new life, Stefan realizes that he can’t change who she is and he lets her go.

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