What Episode of Vampire Diaries Does Jenna Die?

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In the hit TV show Vampire Diaries, Jenna Sommers (played by Sara Canning) meets her untimely demise in season 3, episode 22. The episode, titled “The Departed,” sees Jenna being bitten and killed by Klaus, a powerful vampire. While her death is certainly a tragedy, it ultimately propels the plot forward and helps the characters to grow and develop in intriguing ways.

The episode where Jenna dies

SPOILER ALERT! Jenna dies in episode 15 of season 3 of The Vampire Diaries.

The aftermath of Jenna’s death

Jenna’s death In the Vampire Diaries episode “She’s Come Undone” was a turning point for the series. Not only did it prove that no one was safe, but it also led to a whole new mystery: who killed Jenna?

In the aftermath of Jenna’s death, Elena is inconsolable. She blames herself for not being able to save her sister and is determined to find out who killed her. This sets her on a collision course with Klaus, the original vampire who has returned to Mystic Falls with a plan to create more vampires.

As Elena investigates Jenna’s murder, she discovers that there is more to Klaus than meets the eye. He seems to be connected to a dark force that is manipulating events in Mystic Falls. And as she gets closer to the truth, she realizes that Klaus is not the only one with secrets…

How Jenna’s death affects the characters

Jenna’s death was a turning point for a lot of the characters on The Vampire Diaries. Here’s how Jenna’s death affected each of them.

Jenna’s death was a turning point for a lot of the characters on The Vampire Diaries. Here’s how Jenna’s death affected each of them:

Elena: Elena was incredibly close to her Aunt Jenna and her death hit her hard. Elena struggled with survivor’s guilt and felt like it was her fault that Jenna died. She also felt like she had to take on Jenna’s role as guardian to her little brother, Jeremy.

Bonnie: Bonnie was also very close to Jenna and her death had a big impact on her. Bonnie felt guilty because she was the one who brought Damon into their lives and she blamed Damon for Jenna’s death. She also struggled with survivor’s guilt.

Damon: Damon was the one who killed Jenna but it wasn’t intentional. He was trying to kill Elena but Jenna got in the way and Damon ended up killing her instead. This event caused a big rift between Damon and Stefan. It also changed Damon’s relationship with Bonnie forever.

Stefan: Stefan blamed Damon for Jenna’s death and this created a big conflict between the two brothers. Stefan struggled with survivor’s guilt because he wasn’t able to save Jenna from Damon. This event also made Stefan realize that he needed to protect Elena at all costs.

The impact of Jenna’s death on the show

Jenna’s death had a profound impact on the show. It changed the dynamic of the relationships between the characters and brought a new level of intensity to the show. It also made Elena’s decision to become a vampire more complicated and controversial.

The significance of Jenna’s death

Jenna’s death is significant for a few reasons. First, it marked the beginning of the downward spiral for Elena. Up until that point, Elena had been the “good girl” who tried to do everything right, but after Jenna died, she started making more and more bad decisions. Second, Jenna’s death helped fuel Stefan’s turn to the dark side. He was so consumed with revenge that he started killing innocent people, which ultimately led to his own downfall. Finally, Jenna’s death showed just how dangerous vampires can be. She was a human who was caught in the middle of a vampire war, and she paid the ultimate price.

Theories on why Jenna had to die

Jenna died in season 2, episode 22, ‘As I Lay Dying’. There are many theories as to why Jenna had to die. Some say that it was because she was a liability and a weak link, others say it was because she knew too much and was a threat to the vampires.

Jenna’s death caused a lot of pain for everyone involved. Her adoptive brother, Damon, was heartbroken and vowed to get revenge on the vampires who killed her. Her death also created a rift between Damon and his best friend Stefan. Stefan blamed Damon for Jenna’s death and they didn’t speak for months.

Jenna’s death is still one of the most talked about topics amongst fans of the show. Many people believe that her death was unnecessary and that she could have been saved.

How could have Jenna’s death been prevented?

There is no single answer to this question. While it is possible that Jenna’s death could have been prevented, it is also possible that it was inevitable.

Jenna’s death was a tragedy, and it is natural to want to find someone or something to blame. However, it is important to remember that there are often no easy answers when it comes to matters of life and death.

What could have happened if Jenna didn’t die?

In the show, Jenna is Elena and Stefan’s aunt. She acts as a parental figure to them after their parents died. She is also friends with Damon and has a romantic relationship with him. However, she is killed by Klaus in the season two finale.

If Jenna had not been killed, she would have continued to play a multi-faceted role in the show. She would have continued to provide support and guidance to Elena and Stefan as they navigate their lives as vampires. She would also continue to be Damon’s love interest, providing a level of stability for him. Additionally, her presence would provide an additional layer of complexity to the relationships between the characters.


Jenna passed away in the season three finale, “The Departed.” Since then, she has appeared as a ghost on the show, helping her loved ones move on and warning them of potential danger.

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